Hallam Cooley




Cast (Feature Film)

Mary of Scotland (1936)
Little Man, What Now? (1934)
Frisco Jenny (1933)
Willie Gleason
Sporting Blood (1931)
Too Many Cooks (1931)
Frank Andrews
Back Pay (1930)
Al Bloom
Holiday (1930)
Seton Cram
Soup to Nuts (1930)
What Men Want (1930)
Wedding Rings (1929)
Wilfred Meadows
Fancy Baggage (1929)
So Long Letty (1929)
Clarence De Brie
In the Headlines (1929)
Fancy Somerset
Tonight at Twelve (1929)
Bill Warren
Paris Bound (1929)
Stolen Kisses (1929)
Hal Lambert
Black Waters (1929)
The Little Wildcat (1928)
Victor Sargeant
Ladies Must Dress (1927)
Her Wild Oat (1927)
Tommy Warren
Wedding Bill$ (1927)
Tom Milbank
Naughty But Nice (1927)
Ralph Ames
No Place To Go (1927)
Ambrose Munn
Ladies at Play (1926)
Forever After (1926)
Jack Randall
Stop Flirting (1925)
Geoffrey Dangerfield
Free To Love (1925)
The Thoroughbred (1925)
Dan Drummond
Some Pun'kins (1925)
Tom Perkins
The Monster (1925)
Watson's Head Clerk
Seven Days (1925)
Tom Harbison
Sporting Youth (1924)
Walter Berg
Never Say Die (1924)
Hector Walters
The Painted Flapper (1924)
Danny Lawrence
The White Sin (1924)
Spencer Van Gore
Are You a Failure? (1923)
Emmett Graves
Dollar Devils (1923)
Bruce Merlin
Going Up (1923)
Hopkinson Brown
Money To Burn (1922)
Ted Powell
One Week of Love (1922)
Francis Fraser
Confidence (1922)
Elmer Tuttle
Beauty's Worth (1922)
Henry Garrison
Rose o' the Sea (1922)
Roger Walton
The Kingdom Within (1922)
Will Preston
Up and At 'Em (1922)
Bob Everett
The Man with Two Mothers (1922)
The Wise Kid (1922)
Her Night of Nights (1922)
Ted Bradley
What Do Men Want? (1921)
Yost [The Evil Influence]
Playing With Fire (1921)
Kent Lloyd
The Foolish Age (1921)
Homer Dean Chadwick
The Ten Dollar Raise (1921)
The Tomboy (1921)
The stranger
The Daughter of the Don (1921)
Lieutenant Merritt
Trumpet Island (1920)
Allen Marsh
Beware of the Bride (1920)
Tom Henning
Pinto (1920)
Armand Cass
A Light Woman (1920)
Paul Evans
An Old Fashioned Boy (1920)
Leave It to Me (1920)
Tom Burroughs
Upstairs (1919)
Harrison Perry
More Deadly Than the Male (1919)
Jimmy Keen
The Girl from Outside (1919)
Harry Hope
The Long Arm of Mannister (1919)
Gaston Sinclair
One of the Finest (1919)
The Girl Dodger (1919)
Harry Travistock
Happy Though Married (1919)
Jim Montjoy
The Guilty Man (1918)
Gaston Marceau
The Deciding Kiss (1918)
Jimmy Sears
The Bull's Eye (1918)
The Cricket (1917)
Pascal as an adult
The Courtesan (1916)
Glenn Manley
The Daughter of the Don (1916)
Lieutenant Nelson

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