Jack Conroy


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Too Hot To Handle (1938) -- (Movie Clip) That Time In Ethiopia Covering the war with Japan in China ca. 1937, rival American newsreel photographers Hunter (Clark Gable, with Leo Carillo as his sidekick) and Dennis (Walter Pidgeon) battle for shots, early in MGM's Too Hot To Handle, 1938, also starring Myrna Loy.
Too Hot To Handle (1938) -- (Movie Clip) Crumpled The Old Wing American newsreel shooter Dennis (Walter Pidgeon) has staged a dramatic "mercy flight" bringing cholera serum to Shanghai, his old friend Alma (Myrna Loy, her first scene) the pilot, aiming to outwit rival Hunter (Clark Gable), but failing, in MGM's Too Hot To Handle, 1938.
Too Hot To Handle (1938) -- (Movie Clip) Pretend You Fired Me New York newsreel cameraman Hunter (Clark Gable) has traveled all the way from Shanghai with flier Alma (Myrna Loy) in order to trick her into coming to work for his company, his boss (Walter Connolly) conspiring, in MGM's Too Hot To Handle, 1938.
My Left Foot -- (Movie Clip) 25 Percent of a Quarter Young Christy Brown (Hugh O'Conor) makes his first attempt to express himself by writing with his toes as his parents (Ray McAnally and Brenda Fricker) observe in My Left Foot, 1989.
My Left Foot -- (Movie Clip) Opening The opening sequence from director Jim Sheridan's My Left Foot, 1989, includes credits and an initial demonstration of the protagonist Christy Brown (Daniel Day-Lewis) in his disability.
My Left Foot -- (Movie Clip) Penalty Kick With support from brother Tom (Declan Croghan) and others, cerebral-palsey sufferer Christy Moore (Daniel Day-Lewis) takes a penalty kick in a street football game in My Left Foot, 1989.