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Pay Or Die (1960) -- (Movie Clip) Italians Worship Outdoors This looks like the 1959 Allied Artists-Rod Steiger hit Al Capone because it's the follow-up, from director Richard Wilson, Ernest Borgnine as real New York cop Joseph Petrosino, in Little Italy ca. 1906, Zohra Lampert, Alan Austin and John Duke also introduced, in Pay Or Die, 1960.
Lady Scarface (1941) -- (Movie Clip) His Yappin' Days Are Over Businesslike opening, Huntley Gordon as a banker likely up to no good on the phone when the cleaning lady (Judith Anderson, title character) and her gang (Arthur Shields, Harry Burns, Horace MacMahon, Marc Lawrence) turn the tables, in the RKO programmer Lady Scarface, 1941.
Lady Scarface (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Kennels Ain't Fit For A Dog! Eric Blore is a dog fancier, unaware he's answering the coded want ad for a gang meet-up, as the hotel dick (Andrew Tombes) greets cop Mason (Dennis O'Keefe), who tangles with reporter Ann (Frances Neal), while the mastermind (Judith Anderson) spots the message, in Lady Scarface, 1941.
My Gun Is Quick -- (Movie Clip) It Was No Accident Investigating the death of a girl he barely knew, Mike Hammer (Robert Bray) introduces himself to stripper Maria (Gina Core), in My Gun Is Quick, 1957, from the Mickey Spillane novel.
My Gun Is Quick -- (Movie Clip) You Know How I Hate Dames First scene for the ever-present Velda (Pamela Duncan), assistant to grumpy detective Mike Hammer (Robert Bray), at the office for a shave and business review, in Mickey Spillane's My Gun Is Quick, 1957.
My Gun Is Quick -- (Movie Clip) Lay Off, Greaseball! Opening scene an all-night diner, Mike Hammer (Robert Bray) has befriended streetwalker "Red" (Jan Chaney), whose pimp (Charles Boaz) walks into trouble, in My Gun Is Quick, 1957, from the Mickey Spillane novel.