Cora Sue Collins





Cast (Feature Film)

Week-End at the Waldorf (1945)
Jane Rand
Roughly Speaking (1945)
Elinor Randall, as a girl
Youth on Trial (1945)
Camera Chandler
Johnny Doughboy (1942)
Cora Sue
Get Hep to Love (1942)
Elaine Sterling
Blood and Sand (1941)
Encarnacion, as a child
All This, and Heaven Too (1940)
Louise de Rham
Bad Little Angel (1939)
Clarabella Dodd
Stop--Look and Love (1939)
Dora Haller
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938)
Amy Lawrence
Magnificent Obsession (1936)
Devil's Squadron (1936)
The Harvester (1936)
Naomi Jameson
Three Married Men (1936)
Sue Cary
Public Hero No. 1 (1935)
Little girl
Naughty Marietta (1935)
Anna Karénina (1935)
Two Sinners (1935)
Sally Pym
Without Children (1935)
Carol Cole, as a child
The Dark Angel (1935)
Kitty, as a child
Harmony Lane (1935)
Marion Foster
Mary Burns, Fugitive (1935)
Little girl
As the Earth Turns (1934)
Riptide (1934)
Black Moon (1934)
Nancy Lane
Little Men (1934)
The Scarlet Letter (1934)
Pearl [Prynne]
The World Accuses (1934)
"Pat" [Collins]
Elinor Norton (1934)
Little girl
Evelyn Prentice (1934)
Dorothy Prentice
Treasure Island (1934)
Queen Christina (1933)
Christina, as a child
The Sin of Nora Moran (1933)
Nora Moran [as a child]
Jennie Gerhardt (1933)
Vesta, age six
The Mysterious Rider (1933)
Jo-Jo Foster
Torch Singer (1933)
Sally, five years
They Just Had to Get Married (1933)
Unexpected Father (1932)
The Strange Case of Clara Deane (1932)
Nancy, aged 4
Smilin' Through (1932)
Kathleen as a child

Cast (Short)

The Greener Hills (1939)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Sin Of Nora Moran, The (1933) -- (Movie Clip) The Opiate Quieted Her Body Complex narrative as Claire DuBrey, wife of the governor, has come to her brother the D-A (Alan Dinehart) with letters from a lover who, he admits, was the troubled title character (Zita Johann), who is, as time leaps, comforted by Sarah Padden, then as a child (Cora Sue Collins) by Father Ryan (Henry B. Walthall), in The Sin Of Nora Moran, 1933.
Treasure Island (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Billy Bones At the party for his innkeeper mother (Dorothy Peterson), Jack (Jackie Cooper) observes the arrival of cranky Billy Bones (Lionel Barrymore), early in MGM's hit 1934 production of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, directed by Victor Fleming.
Smilin' Through (1932) -- (Movie Clip) Rather Sweet Of Me MGM travels through time, as Carteret (Leslie Howard) and Owen (O.P. Heggie) join Kathleen (first Cora Sue Collins then Norma Shearer) for her 5th and 21st birthdays, then with suitor Willie (Ralph Forbes), in director Sidney Franklin's Smilin' Through, 1932.
Week-end At The Waldorf (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Honeymoon Couple Robert Benchley narrates, a couple (Cora Sue Collins, Michael Kirby) arrives, and Jessup (Samuel S. Hinds) rejects slippery Edley (Edward Arnold), just opening MGM's relocated and modified remake of Grand Hotel, Week-End At The Waldorf, 1944, starring Ginger Rogers and Lana Turner.
Black Moon (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Change Too Much First scene, spooky modern mom Juanita (Dorothy Burgess) beating tropical drums with little Nancy (Cora Sue Collins), her husband Stephen (Jack Holt) doing some exposition with a shrink (Henry Kolker), opening Columbia's Black Moon, 1934.