William Fairbanks




Cast (Feature Film)

Under the Black Eagle (1928)
Ulrich Muller
Wyoming (1928)
Buffalo Bill
The Vanishing West (1928)
When Danger Calls (1927)
Ralph Spencer
Through Thick and Thin (1927)
Don Davis
One Chance in a Million (1927)
Jerry Blaine
The Down Grade (1927)
Ted Lanning
Catch-As-Catch-Can (1927)
Reed Powers
Spoilers of the West (1927)
The Girl's Brother
The Winning Wallop (1926)
Rex Barton
The Mile-a-Minute Man (1926)
Sp. P. [Speedy] Rockett
Flying High (1926)
Roy Cummins
Vanishing Millions (1926)
The Handsome Brute (1925)
Larry O'Day
Speed Mad (1925)
Bill Sanford
New Champion (1925)
Bob Nichols
The Fearless Lover (1925)
Patrick Michael Casey
Fighting Youth (1925)
Dick Covington
A Fight to the Finish (1925)
Jim Davis
The Great Sensation (1925)
Jack Curtis
A Fight for Honor (1924)
Jack Adams
The Martyr Sex (1924)
Dr. Ross Wayne
Man from God's Country (1924)
Bill Holliday
That Wild West (1924)
The Other Kind of Love (1924)
Adam Benton
Tainted Money (1924)
Chester Carlton
The Torrent (1924)
Hale Garrison
Marry in Haste (1924)
Wayne Sturgis
Racing for Life (1924)
Jack Grant
The Cowboy and the Flapper (1924)
Dan Patterson
The Fatal Mistake (1924)
Jack Darwin
Border Women (1924)
Big Boy Merritt
Women First (1924)
Billy Decker
Call of the Mate (1924)
The Battling Fool (1924)
Mark Jenkins
Down by the Rio Grande (1924)
The Beautiful Sinner (1924)
Henry Avery
Her Man (1924)
Do It Now (1924)
Border Woman (1924)
The Law Rustlers (1923)
Phil Stanley
The Devil's Dooryard (1923)
Paul Stevens
Sun Dog Trails (1923)
Spawn of the Desert (1923)
Duke Steele
A Western Demon (1922)
Ned Underwood
The Sheriff of Sun-Dog (1922)
"Silent" Davidson
Peaceful Peters (1922)
"Peaceful Peters"
The Clean Up (1922)
Hell's Border (1922)
Fighting Hearts (1922)
A Western Adventurer (1921)
Montana Bill (1921)
Broadway Buckaroo (1921)
Go Get Him (1921)

Music (Feature Film)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)

Life Events