Marian Ainslee


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Temptress, The (1926) -- (Movie Clip) Her Jewels Paid The Way Argentine engineer Robledo (Antonio Moreno) at first thrilled his childhood pal Torre (Armand Kaliz) has come from France, less delighted when his decadent wife Elena (Greta Garbo), whom he has scorned, appears, in The Temptress, 1926, from a Vicente Blasco-Ibanez novel.
Temptress, The (1926) -- (Movie Clip) Till We Meet In Hell Technical flash, naughty and operatic content, as French Fontenoy (Marc MacDermott) hosts what we learn is his last bash, blaming all on wanton mistress Elena (Greta Garbo), who's become more interested in new flame Robledo (Antonio Moreno), in MGM's The Temptress, 1926.
Temptress, The (1926) -- (Movie Clip) Will You Think Me Too Bold? At a wild Paris costume party, fleeing the advances of her creepy lover and host, Elena (Greta Garbo, in her 2nd Hollywood picture) having no fun until intercepted by a stranger (Antonio Moreno), whom we will learn is a close friend of her wronged husband, early in MGM’s The Temptress, 1926.
Wild Orchids (1929) -- (Movie Clip) Mr. And Mrs. Sterling Exposition and spectacle from MGM, which clearly sent somebody, though not principals Greta Garbo and Lewis Stone, to San Francisco, disembarking, in the opening of Wild Orchids, 1929, co-starring Nils Asther.
Wild Orchids (1929) -- (Movie Clip) You Look Silly Dear Newly arrived but bored in Java, Lillie (Greta Garbo) has herself done up in native gear by the plentiful maids of their host, but finds her older tea plantation owner husband (Lewis Stone) isn't interested, trouble looming, in MGM's Wild Orchids, 1929.
Wild Orchids (1929) -- (Movie Clip) Any Big Game In Java? Having just sailed from San Francisco for Java, Lillie (Greta Garbo), wife of Sterling (Lewis Stone), who's taking over a tea plantation, meets the only other billed actor in the picture, Nils Asther as Prince de Gace, beating a servant, then befriending her husband, early in Wild Orchids, 1929.
Single Standard, The (1929) -- (Movie Clip) Men Have Done As They Pleased The fairly smashing introduction of brunette, flapper-ish Greta Garbo (in her 2nd-to-last silent film) as "Arden," Mahlon Hamilton a wandering husband seeking her confidence, Dorothy Sebastian as Mercedes at the party, and Johnny Mack Brown as admirer Tommy, opening The Single Standard, 1929.
Single Standard, The (1929) -- (Movie Clip) I Don't Believe In Half Measures Greta Garbo as free-spirited Arden has fled a San Francisco party, insisting that her occasional boyfriend, her family chauffeur Kendall (Robert Castle) accompany her for a drive, her higher society friends not approving, early in The Single Standard, 1929.
Single Standard, The (1929) -- (Movie Clip) Want To See A Fight? Fleeing rain and wolves on the San Francisco streets, heroine Arden (Greta Garbo) comes upon a modern art exhibit and it's improbable prize-fighter turned-painter honoree "Packy," (Garbo's fellow Swede Nils Asther), in The Single Standard, 1929, from an Adela Rogers St. Johns novel.
Woman Of Affairs, A (1928) -- (Movie Clip) Your Father Planned It New characters introduced at the regatta, Trevelyan (Lewis Stone) and Sir Morton (Hobart Bosworth), who frowns upon son Neville (John Gilbert) and girlfriend Diana (Greta Garbo), her brother (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.), promoting another suitor, on the crew, in MGM's A Woman Of Affairs, 1928.
Woman Of Affairs, A (1928) -- (Movie Clip) My Kind Of Love Ethereal scene from director Clarence Brown, Diana (Greta Garbo) retreats to the woods and the tree that represents her love for Neville (John Gilbert, not seen) and is confronted by his father (Hobart Bosworth), who admits having arranged their separation, in A Woman Of Affairs, 1928.
Woman Of Affairs, A (1928) -- (Movie Clip) I Want To Make You Happy Lovelorn Diana (Greta Garbo) with her rebound husband David (Johnny Mack Brown), caught unawares as he is confronted with evidence of financial misdeeds, taut scene by director Clarence Brown, in A Woman Of Affairs, 1928.