Willard Louis




Cast (Feature Film)

A Certain Young Man (1928)
Don Juan (1927)
Mademoiselle Modiste (1926)
Hiram Bent
The Love Toy (1926)
King Lavoris
The Honeymoon Express (1926)
John Lambert
The Passionate Quest (1926)
Matthew Garner
The Shamrock Handicap (1926)
Martin Finch
Eve's Lover (1925)
Austin Starfield
The Limited Mail (1925)
Joe Potts
His Secretary (1925)
John Sloden
Three Weeks in Paris (1925)
Gus Billikins
A Broadway Butterfly (1925)
Charles Gay
The Love Hour (1925)
Gus Yerger
Hogan's Alley (1925)
Michael Ryan
The Man Without a Conscience (1925)
Amos Mason
Kiss Me Again (1925)
Avocat Dubois
The Age of Innocence (1924)
Cornelius Beaufort
Pal o' Mine (1924)
Sam Hermann
Beau Brummel (1924)
Prince of Wales
Babbitt (1924)
George F. Babbitt
The Lover of Camille (1924)
Her Marriage Vow (1924)
Arthur Atherton
Daddies (1924)
Henry Allen
Three Women (1924)
Harvey Craig
Don't Doubt Your Husband (1924)
Mr. Ruggles
Broadway After Dark (1924)
"Slim" Scott
A Lady of Quality (1924)
The Tavern Keeper
McGuire of the Mounted (1923)
Bill Lusk
The French Doll (1923)
Joseph Dumas
Vanity Fair (1923)
Joseph Sedley
Daddy (1923)
The Marriage Market (1923)
Seibert Peckham
Robin Hood (1923)
Friar Tuck
Too Much Wife (1922)
Tom Hare
Only a Shop Girl (1922)
James Watkins
The Man Unconquerable (1922)
Governor of Papeete
Moonlight and Honeysuckle (1921)
Senator Baldwin
Roads of Destiny (1921)
The Great Accident (1920)
Amos Caretall
A Slave of Vanity (1920)
Frederick Maldonado
Dollars and Sense (1920)
Geoffrey Stanhope
Going Some (1920)
Larry Glass
Madame X (1920)
M. Merivel
Love Insurance (1919)
The Loves of Letty (1919)
Bernard Mandeville
Jubilo (1919)
What Am I Bid? (1919)
Abner Grimp
The Scarlet Shadow (1919)
Joseph Fleming
The Unpainted Woman (1919)
Helnie Lorber
The Merry-Go-Round (1919)
Jerry Crump
The Bird of Prey (1918)
Pedro Vasquale
Kultur (1918)
Baron von Zeller
Her One Mistake (1918)
Detective Scully
The Blindness of Divorce (1918)
Robert White
American Methods (1917)
M. Moulinet
A Branded Soul (1917)
High Finance (1917)
One Touch of Sin (1917)
Watt Tabor
For Liberty (1917)
Heinie Swartz
To Honor and Obey (1917)
Alphonse Kronin
The Book Agent (1917)
Rev. A. Ginem
Du Barry (1917)
Guillaume Du Barry
The Price of Her Soul (1917)
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1917)
A Tale of Two Cities (1917)
Mr. Stryver
The Island of Desire (1917)
Sam Sweet
The Man from Bitter Roots (1916)
J. Winfield Harrah
The End of the Trail (1916)
Pierre "Devil" Cabot
A Man of Sorrow (1916)
The Love Thief (1916)
William Nelson
The Battle of Hearts (1916)
Capt. Rhodes
Fighting Blood (1916)
Big Bill
The Fires of Conscience (1916)
Doc Taylor

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