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Plumber, The (1979) -- (Movie Clip) I Just Flung It In His Face If it weren't Australia, one might almost expect Alfred Hitchcock to walk through a shot, writer-director Peter Weir introducing his nerdy couple Jill and Brian (Judy Morris, Robert Coleby), in the made-for-tv thriller The Plumber, 1979.
Plumber, The (1979) -- (Movie Clip) Your Pipes Are Buggered Academic Brian (Robert Coleby) calls from the university with exciting news for Jill (Judy Morris) who is at home dealing with the unexpected plumber (Ivar Kants), much tension, early in Peter Weir's The Plumber, 1979.
Breaker Morant -- (Movie Clip) There Was An Understanding In a British Court Martial during the Boer War, defense lawyer Thomas (Jack Thompson) questions Taylor (John Waters) about the role of Australian Lt. Morant (Edward Woodward) in the execution of prisoners, director Bruce Beresford recounting the event in flashback, in Breaker Morant, 1980.
Breaker Morant -- (Movie Clip) Penalty Is Death Australian soldiers Morant (Edward Woodward), Handcock (Bryan Brown) and Witton (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) meet inexperienced defense attorney Thomas (Jack Thompson), appointed by superiors determined to secure their conviction, in Breaker Morant, 1980.
Breaker Morant -- (Movie Clip) Duke Of Wellington In a flashback, prisoners Morant (Edward Woodward), Handcock (Bryan Brown) and Witton (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) are pressed into service during a Boer attack, attorney Thomas (Jack Thompson) and judge (Charles Tingwell) clashing in court, in Breaker Morant. 1980.
Breaker Morant -- (Movie Clip) Avenge Captain Hunt After credits establishing the court martial of the title character, British Captain Hunt (Terence Donovan) gets led into an ambush, Handcock (Bryan Brown), Witton (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) and Morant (Edward Woodward) receiving the news, in Bruce Beresfords's Boer War drama Breaker Morant, 1980.