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Summer Place, A (1959) -- (Movie Clip) I've Been A Good Girl! Rescued teens Molly (Sandra Dee) and John (Troy Donahue) return from their night stranded on a coastal island, her mother Helen (Constance Ford) assuming they have sinned, in Delmer Daves' A Summer Place, 1959.
Summer Place, A (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Waiting To Be Kissed A version of the giant hit theme song by Max Steiner accompanies Johnny (Troy Donahue), son of the troubled couple that owns the resort, escorting Sandra Dee (as Molly), daughter of the VIP guests, with provocative talk and shots from writer-producer-director Delmer Daves in A Summer Place, 1959, from the novel by Sloan Wilson.
Summer Place, A (1959) -- (Movie Clip) We've Spoiled Two Lives Critical revelations as well-to-do Ken (Richard Egan), visiting the island inn owned by Sylvia (Dorothy McGuire) and her useless boozy husband Bart, steps in to fix the roof and revisit their implied but so-far not confirmed old romance, a big moment in Delmer Davis’ hit melodrama A Summer Place, 1959, also starring Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue.
Monterey Pop (1969) -- (Movie Clip) I've Been Lovin' You Too Long Otis Redding, backed by the barely-seen Booker T And The MG’s (Booker T. Jones, Donald “Duck” Dunn, Al Jackson Jr., Steve Cropper) with his show-stopping performance of the song composed by Redding and Jerry Butler, at the Monterey Pop Festival, in Monterey Pop, 1969.
All Monsters Attack (1969) -- (Movie Clip) Open, March Of The Monsters Seems a bit gone around the bend, with a wacky title song and a de facto highlight reel for the opening, in the tenth feature in the Toho Films Ltd. Godzilla franchise, All Monsters Attack, 1969, from director Ishiro Honda, released in the U.S. in 1971 as Godzilla’s Revenge.
Man In The Gray Flannel Suit, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Mystery Picnic In a WWII flashback, married American Captain Rath (Gregory Peck) in Rome with buddy Caesar (Keenan Wynn) then with Italian girlfriend Maria (Marisa Pavan), just before shipping out for the Pacific theatre, in The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit, 1956, from the Sloan Wilson novel.
Man In The Gray Flannel Suit, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) It's A Graveyard WWII vet Tom (Gregory Peck), who works for a non-profit, at home with wife Betsy (Jennifer Jones), after learning that grandma has squandered his inheritance, in Nunnally Johnson's The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit, 1956.
Man In The Gray Flannel Suit, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Strictly A Split The Difference Man The potential new P-R guy Rath (Gregory Peck) interviews with broadcast network boss Hopkins (Fredric March) and aides Walker (Arthur O'Connell) and Ogden (Henry Daniell), in Nunnally Johnson's The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit, 1956.
Man In The Gray Flannel Suit, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) In That Chromium Jungle Writer-director Nunnally Johnson’s opening, New York, Grand Central, the train and Connecticut, introducing Gregory Peck, Gene Lockhart as fellow commuter Bill, picked up by spouse Jennifer Jones, in The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit, 1956, from the best-selling novel by Sloan Wilson.
Burden Of Dreams (1982) -- (Movie Clip) One Of The Leading Characters After another delay of months, director Les Blank's documentary on the shooting of director Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo resumes with the introduction of the fiery Klaus Kinski taking over the lead role, and the procurement of the boat to be carried over a Peruvian mountain, in Burden Of Dreams, 1982.
Middle Of Nowhere (2012) -- (Movie Clip) Five Years With Good Time Writer-director Ava DuVernay’s opening, the film which won her the Best Director award at the Sundance Film Festival, Ruby (Emayatzy Corinealdi) from Los Angeles visits husband Derek (Omari Hardwick) at a faraway prison, in Middle Of Nowhere, 2012.
Middle Of Nowhere (2012) -- (Movie Clip) Y'all Need To Get Better Organized Now working as a nurse, marking the completion of four years of her husband’s expected five-year prison term, former medical student Ruby (Emayatzy Corinealdi) meets bus driver Brian (David Oyelowo) and dreams of Derek (Omari Hardwick), in Ava DuVernay’s Middle Of Nowhere, 2012.