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Back To Bataan (1945) -- (Movie Clip) So Long Skinny Stirring fantasy, John Wayne the fictional Col. Madden is summoned by John Miljan as General Jonathan “Skinny” Wainwright who, months after the film was released, and after three years in a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines, would be celebrated across the U.S. as the returning “Hero of Corregidor,” preparing to surrender, in Edward Dmytryk’s very current RKO propaganda piece, Back To Bataan, 1945.
Back To Bataan (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Why Do You Fight? Joining news footage and narration from the script that was under constant revision due to events in the Pacific, back to 1942 where Fely Franquelli is Dalisay, the Philippine broadcaster working for the Japanese invaders, and John Miljan plays the real General Jonathan Wainwright, early in Back To Bataan, 1945, starring John Wayne.
Back To Bataan (1945) -- (Movie Clip) An Old Filipino Trick Lawrence Tierney has arrived as U.S. Navy Cmdr. Waite, briefing long-serving John Wayne as Col. Madden and Anthony Quinn as Filipino Scout Captain Bonifacio et al on plans to re-take key positions ca. 1945, precipitating another legit reference to local military history, in RKO’s Back To Bataan, 1945.
Back To Bataan (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Crude Native Cigarettes Corregidor,1942, John Wayne as U.S. Col. Madden, hears from General Wainwright (John Miljan), and Anthony Quinn as Bonifacio, ranking officer of the allied Philippine Scouts, whose girlfriend is now the radio propaganda voice for the Japanese, who made a reckless heroic decision earlier that day, in another gripping confrontation, in Back To Bataan, 1945.
Christmas Eve (1947) -- (Movie Clip) We Have No License Opening scenes, we meet Philip (Reginald Denny) who's brought a judge and doctor (Clarence Kolb, Carl Harbord) to meet his maybe-nutty New York heiress Aunt Matilda (Ann Harding), in the holiday crime-comedy hybrid Christmas Eve (a.k.a. Holiday For Sinners), 1947.
Christmas Eve (1947) -- (Movie Clip) By The Love Seat We meet shiftless New York playboy Michael (George Brent), unaware of the larger drama involving his heiress adoptive aunt, with ex-gal Ann (Joan Blondell) messing with his plans to marry society girl Harriet (Molly Lamont) in Christmas Eve (a.k.a. Holiday For Sinners), 1947.
Christmas Eve (1947) -- (Movie Clip) The Sea Is A Wide Place In the byzantine tale of his imperiled maiden aunt back in New York, ex-pat South American club owner Mario (George Raft) discovers a fugitive Nazi (Konstantine Shayne) has been scamming his girlfriend (Virginia Field), in the crime-comedy Christmas Eve (a.k.a. Holiday For Sinners), 1947.
Crooked Way, The -- (Movie Clip) Right To Come Home Amnesiac ex-soldier and ex-con Eddie (John Payne) arrives in L-A trying to figure out who he is, when Nina (Ellen Drew) immediately recognizes him, early in Robert Florey's The Crooked Way, 1948.
Crooked Way, The -- (Movie Clip) Steel In Your Brain Crane Whitley is both narrator and "Dr Kemble," introducing hero Eddie (John Payne), with John Alton dark cinematography, opening director Robert Florey's The Crooked Way, 1949.