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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) -- (Movie Clip) Queen And Country, James The admiral (Geoffrey Palmer) and the defence minister (Julian Fellowes, best known now as the creator of Downton Abbey) tangle with M (Judi Dench, supported by her chief of staff, Colin Salmon) about the sinking of a British warship, blamed on China but actually staged by the evil media baron Carver, when Bond (Pierce Brosnan) arrives with still-worse (also contrived) news, and Moneypenny (Samantha Bond) attends as the mission is arranged, in Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997.
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) -- (Movie Clip) There's No News Like Bad News Götz Otto as as Stamper reports, through Ricky Jay as techno-terrorist Gupta, to the just-introduced German-based English media impresario Carver, on the successful sinking of a British warship, blaming the Chinese, and slaughtering the survivors, staged for the launch of his worldwide news network, in the 19th James Bond feature, Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997, starring Pierce Brosnan.
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) -- (Movie Clip) I Didn't Realize You Knew Each Other Now in Hamburg, posing as a banker but actually there to investigate global terror instigated by Carver (Jonathan Pryce) for the launch of his global news network, Bond (Pierce Brosnan) makes contact with Carver’s wife Paris (Teri Hatcher), his ex-lover, leading to smoldering conflict, Michelle Yeoh as mysterious Wai-Lin, in Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997.
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) -- (Movie Clip) They'll Print Anything These Days Having penetrated the Hamburg headquarters of an evil media empire, wielding a souped-up Ericsson phone provided by “Q,” Bond (Pierce Brosnan) gets into the safe of the chief “techno-terrorist,” detects trouble, and encounters Michelle Yeoh, who’s been posing as a Chinese journalist, in his vigorous escape, in Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997.
My Pal Trigger (1946) -- (Movie Clip) Livin' Western Style Opening scene, narration from the star (playing, as ever, himself) and the first song, moving on to meet "Susan" (Roy's wife-to-be Dale Evans) and her dad "Gabby" (ever-present George "Gabby" Hayes), in My Pal Trigger, 1946.