Jerry Cady


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Five Came Back (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Your Prayers Or Mine? Co-pilot Joe (Kent Taylor) visits marshal Crimp (John Carradine) and his charge Vasquez (Joseph Calleia), gangster Pete (Allen Jenkins) with his boss's son (Casey Johnson) and Peggy (Lucille Ball) with pilot Bill (Chester Morris), en route to Panama in John Farrow's Five Came Back, 1939.
Five Came Back (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Argue! Shortly after the crash, worries in the control room, Pilot Bill (Chester Morris), Professor and Mrs. Spengler (C. Aubrey Smith, Elisabeth Risdon), convict Vasquez (Joseph Calleia), Peggy (Lucille Ball) and marshal Crimp (John Carradine) arguing, in John Farrow's Five Came Back, 1939.
Five Came Back (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Anything But Murder Part of director John Farrow's splendid opening, introducing first Patrick Knowles and Wendy Barrie, then Lucille Ball, C. Aubrey Smith and Elizabeth Risdon, co-pilot Kent Taylor, Allen Jenkins and young Casey Johnson, then pilot Chester Morris, leaving for Panama, in Five Came Back, 1939.
Cross Country Romance -- (Movie Clip) Father's A Dipsomaniac Just arriving at the trailer park, traveling professor Larry (Gene Raymond) persuades stowaway heiress Diane (Wendy Barrie) to admit she's somebody else, in RKO's low-rent screwball comedy Cross Country Romance, 1940.
Cross Country Romance -- (Movie Clip) Stop Drooling! Meet madcap heiress Diane (Wendy Barrie), from wedding dress into a slip, eligible professor Larry (Gene Raymond) dropping by on business, and mother-of-the-bride Hedda Hopper, opening Cross Country Romance, 1940.