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Lady In Question, The (1940) -- (Movie Clip) I'm One Of The Family Acquitted murder suspect Natalie (Rita Hayworth) has belatedly accepted an offer of help from Parisian bike shop owner Morestan (Brian Aherne), who was on her jury, leading to her first day at work, where his wife (Irene Rich) and bedazzled son (Glenn Ford) don’t know the back-story, in The Lady In Question, 1940.
Lady In Question, The (1940) -- (Movie Clip) This Is An Unusual Case Bouncy opening from director Charles Vidor, in the Columbia remake of the French director Marc Allegret’s comedy Griboulle (1937), introducing Glenn Ford as handsome amateur Paris astronomer Pierre, Evelyn Keyes his sister, Irene Rich his mother, George Davis a customer and top-billed Brian Aherne his father, in The Lady In Question, 1940, also starring Rita Hayworth.
Lady In Question, The (1940) -- (Movie Clip) He Threatened To Kill Me We know little about this case except that Brian Aherne, as Paris shop owner Morestan, is a very enthusiastic alternate juror, as Rita Hayworth appears as accused murderess Natalie, and Frank Reicher as the inquiring president of the court, in Columbia’s The Lady In Question, 1940, directed by Charles Vidor, also starring Glenn Ford.
Zou Zou (1934) -- (Movie Clip) I Would Have Preferred A Crocodile Looks like work on location in Toulon, Josephine Baker (title character) disappointed when her childhood mate Jean (Gabin), whom she hasn’t seen in ages, doesn’t get off the boat, but thrilled when he appears later, with their adoptive de-facto stage-father (Pierre Larquey), in Zouzou, 1934.
Zou Zou (1934) -- (Movie Clip) ...And Count The Days First scene for title character, American Josephine Baker, in her first talking feature, made in France, running her old act for a young friend when her adoptive dad (Pierre Larquey) gets the post card from their long-lost brother, son, colleague and sailor Jean (Gabin), in Zouzou, 1934.
Odessa File, The (1974) -- (Movie Clip) They Can't Kill Us Off! Hamburg, 1963, Jon Voight as reporter Miller, early in his pursuit of a Nazi war criminal involved in a plot against Israel, is the uninvited guest at a reunion of a (real) Waffen SS unit, Georg Marischka, and Günter Meisner as General Greifer, among the celebrants, in The Odessa File, 1974.
Zou Zou (1934) -- (Movie Clip) She Always Causes Problems Laundress Josephine Baker (title character) and colleague Claire (Yvette Lebon) with her childhood circus-performer pal Jean (Jean Gabin), quickly making friends at a club when she’s assaulted by a goon, leading to a big fight and quick exit, in director Marc Allégret’s Zouzou, 1934.
Plucking The Daisy (1956) -- (Movie Clip) The Master's Slippers Having fled to Paris after her parents tried sending her to boarding school, Agnes (Brigitte Bardot) thinks she's dropping in on her brother, who told the family he had become a successful painter, but his address is really the Balzac musuem, where he's a guide, in Plucking The Daisy, 1956.
Plucking The Daisy (1956) -- (Movie Clip) I Love Liars Broke teenage Agnes (Brigitte Bardot), who has run away to Paris, arrives at the newsroom where reporter Daniel (Daniel Gelin) and photographer Roger (Robert Hirsch), whom she met on the train, have promised they can get her racy story published, in Plucking The Daisy, 1956.
Plucking The Daisy (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Nonchalant Beauty Desperate for money so she can stay in Paris, teenage Agnes (Brigitte Bardot) has signed up for a strip-tease contest, deciding at the last minute on a disguise, her un-knowing journalist pals (Daniel Gelin, Robert Hirsch) in the audience, a money scene from Plucking The Daisy, 1956.


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