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Rodan (1957) -- (Movie Clip) There's Nothing We Can Do Roll call at the coal mine, engineer Shigeru (Kenji Sawara) worries as three of his colleagues go looking for his missing brother-in-law, still no creatures seen, in Inoshiro Honda's Rodan, 1957.
Rodan (1957) -- (Movie Clip) They're Going To Have Babies Recuperating from his scare with the big nuclear insects, shown two innocuous eggs by his doting girlfriend Kiyo (Yumi Shirakawa), Shigeru (Kenji Sawara) realizes what he really saw underground, in Inoshiro Honda's Rodan, 1957.
Rodan (1958) -- (Movie Clip) That Thing Is The Killer! Following the first on-screen appearance of the mostly-larval form of the title character, civilian miners and cops head for the slag heap where engineer Kawamura (Kenji Sahara) and the chief (Akio Kobori) reach the obvious conclusion, in Rodan, 1957.
Rodan (1957) -- (Movie Clip) A Strange Beast Inside Engineer Shigeru (Kenji Sawara) is taking a shot at reassuring his panicked girlfriend Kiyo (Yumi Shirakawa) when the worm that's been killing miners makes it's first on-screen appearance, in her apartment, in Inoshiro Honda's Rodan, 1957.
H-Man, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) Opening Credits Opening credits for the 1958 Japanese nuclear-slime thriller The H-Man, starring Yumi Shirakawa and Kenji Sahara, directed by Inoshiro Honda, dubbed in English.
H-Man, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) Night Club Night Club entertainer Chikako (Yumi Shirakawa, singing dubbed by Martha Miyake) seeks a friend's help in finding her gangster boyfriend, as she performs for cops and thugs in The H-Man, 1958.
H-Man, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) Misaki A rainy Tokyo night sees one gangster (Makato Sato) deal with a cop while he awaits a colleague (Hisaya Ito) who appears, then dissolves, in the opening scene from the Japanese nuclear thriller The H-Man, 1958.
H-Man, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) Deserted Ship In a flashback, surviving sailors are recounting their inspection of a deserted ship, thus shedding light for cops investigating a pattern of dissolving gangsters in Tokyo in The H-Man, 1958.