Mario Zampi



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Co-founded Two Cities Films


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Laughter In Paradise (1951) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Not On Hello Terms All of Audrey Hepburn's bit, as a cigarette girl, in a complex comedy in which Guy Middleton as "Simon Russell" is running a con, which his brother Alastair Sim knows about but his mark "Lucille" (Beatrice Campbell) doesn't, in director Mario Zampi's 1951 hit Laughter In Paradise.
Laughter In Paradise (1951) -- (Movie Clip) Show Them You've Got Some Push! Introducing clerk Herbert (George Cole), another of the inheriting siblings, smacked by his boss (Ronald Adam), updated by his landlady (Eveline Mary Kirkwood), and encouraged by Lucille (Beatrice Campbell), in the hit British comedy Laughter In Paradise, 1951, starring Alastair Sim.
Laughter In Paradise (1951) -- (Movie Clip) Slugged Her In The Kisser First scene for top-billed Alastair Sim as embarrassed pulp writer Deniston, using one of his pen-names, dictating for besotted assistant Miss Wilcott (Eleanor Summerfield), taking a call from his betrothed, not yet aware of his conditional inheritance, in Laughter In Paradise, 1951.
Your Past Is Showing -- (Movie Clip) A Day's Rough Shooting Plotting to kill his blackmailer but knowing nothing about hunting, Sonny (Peter Sellers) poses as a country gentleman with a gunsmith (Henry Hewitt) in Your Past Is Showing, 1957, from Michael Pertwee's original screenplay.
Your Past Is Showing -- (Movie Clip) My Better Nature Model Melissa (Shirley Eaton) visits blackmailer Nigel (Dennis Price) on his run-down yacht, when actor and fellow victim Sonny (Peter Sellers) arrives, in disguise, in Your Past Is Showing, 1957.
Your Past Is Showing -- (Movie Clip) The Word Is Hanged! Writer Flora (Peggy Mount) delighted as she instructs hapless daughter Ethel (Joan Sims) in poisoning their expected blackmailer, when fellow victim Mayley (Terry-Thomas) appears instead, in Your Past Is Showing, 1957.
Your Past Is Showing -- (Movie Clip) Wee Sonny First scene for crooked Wee Sonny MacGregor (Peter Sellers), on his TV show amusing sentimental old Scots, then meeting blackmailer Nigel (Dennis Price), early in Your Past Is Showing, 1957.