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Devotion (1946) -- (Movie Clip) Priest As Pilot Prepared by their maiden aunt (Ethel Griffies), Bronte sisters Emily, Anne and Charlotte (Ida Lupino, Nancy Coleman, Olivia De Havilland) escorted to a dance by new local cleric Nicholls (Paul Henreid), standing in for their carousing brother (Arthur Kennedy), in Warner Bros.' Devotion, 1946.
Devotion (1946) -- (Movie Clip) We Wish To See Life Vignette introducing the Bronte' brother and sisters (Arthur Kennedy as Branwell, Nancy Coleman as Anne, Olivia De Havilland as Charlotte, Ida Lupino as Emily), two of whom wish to become governesses, in West Yorkshire, England ca. 1835, in the fanciful family biography Devotion, 1946.
Shining Hour, The -- (Movie Clip) And Who So Diggeth Big sister Hannah (Fay Bainter) presiding as ex-showgirl and new bride Olivia (Joan Crawford) dances, her husband Henry (Melvyn Douglas) and grumpy brother David (Robert Young) joining, his wife Judy (Margaret Sullavan) compensating, in The Shining Hour, 1938.
Shining Hour, The -- (Movie Clip) Shortly Before Genesis Big moment as Henry (Melvyn Douglas) brings new bride Olivia (Joan Crawford) home to imposing big sister Hannah (Fay Bainter), brother David (Robert Young) and his wife Judy (Margaret Sullavan) trying to support, in The Shining Hour, 1938.
Shining Hour, The -- (Movie Clip) Not Drunk With Joy Wealthy Wisconsin farmer David (Robert Young) is in New York to tell brother Henry (Melvyn Douglas) that he and their elder sister think he should not marry entertainer Olivia (Joan Crawford), who interrupts, early in The Shining Hour, 1938.