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Gold Rush, The (1925) -- (Movie Clip) Thanksgiving Dinner Their nefarious third partner gone looking for food, writer, director, star and Englishman Charles Chaplin prepares a famous Thanksgiving dinner for himself and Big Jim (Mack Swain), in the Alaskan wilderness, in The Gold Rush, 1925.
Woman Of Paris, A (1923) -- (Movie Clip) Where Fortune Is Fickle Writer, producer and director Charles Chaplin leaps forward a year, his heroine (Edna Purviance as "Marie") having left her French country town believing she had been forsaken, now in the company of playboy Revel (Adolphe Menjou), having some fun with the food, in what Chaplin offered as his first dramatic film, A Woman Of Paris, 1923.
Woman Of Paris, A (1923) -- (Movie Clip) First Serious Drama Writer, producer and director Charles Chaplin's disclaimer and opening, with clear efforts toward artful effect, introduces his heroine Edna Purviance, her groom Carl Miller, and her detestable father Clarence Geldert, in A Woman Of Paris, 1923.
Gold Rush, The (1925) -- (Movie Clip) Blissful Ignorance The prospector (writer, director and star Charles Chaplin), reunited with pal Big Jim (Mack Swain), arising in their old cabin after a blizzard, and a surprise, opening a famous set piece from The Gold Rush, 1925.
Gold Rush, The (1925) -- (Movie Clip) He's Wonderful! New Years' eve in Alaska, the Prospector (writer, director and star Charles Chaplin) prepares to receive Georgia (Hale) and friend (Betty Morrissey) at his cabin, not knowing they've forgotten, in possibly the best-remembered scene, a fantasy, from The Gold Rush., 1925.