Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd


Also Known As
William Millar
Birth Place
Belfast, Northern Ireland, GB
July 04, 1931
June 02, 1977
Cause of Death
Heart Attack


Entered English film in 1955 and gained international recognition for his role in "Ben Hur" (1959). Boyd subsequently appeared in a number of American and low-budget European productions....


Entered English film in 1955 and gained international recognition for his role in "Ben Hur" (1959). Boyd subsequently appeared in a number of American and low-budget European productions.



Cast (Feature Film)

The Squeeze (1977)
Evil in the Deep (1976)
Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976)
Potato Fritz (1976)
La Polizia interviene - Ordine di Uccidere (1975)
Impossible Love (1975)
The Lives of Jenny Dolan (1975)
Joe Rossiter
The Devil Has Seven Faces (1974)
Those Dirty Dogs (1974)
The Man Called Noon (1973)
Key West (1973)
Hannie Caulder (1972)
The Preacher
The Hands of Cormac Joyce (1972)
Cormac Joyce
Marta (1971)
Slaves (1969)
Nathan MacKay
Assignment K (1968)
Philip Scott
Shalako (1968)
Bosky Fulton
The Caper of the Golden Bulls (1967)
Peter Churchman
The Bible...In the Beginning (1966)
Fantastic Voyage (1966)
The Oscar (1966)
Frank Fane
Genghis Khan (1965)
The Third Secret (1964)
Alex Stedman
The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)
Jumbo (1962)
Sam Rawlins
Lisa (1962)
Peter Jongman
The Big Gamble (1961)
Vic Brennan
The Best of Everything (1959)
Mike Rice
Woman Obsessed (1959)
Fred Carter
Ben-Hur (1959)
The Bravados (1958)
Bill Zachary
The Night Heaven Fell (1958)
Island in the Sun (1957)
Euan Templeton
Abandon Ship (1957)
Will McKinley
An Alligator Named Daisy (1957)
The Beasts Of Marseilles (1957)
The Man Who Never Was (1956)
Patrick O'Reilly
Let's Make Up (1956)
Man by pool
Hell in Korea (1956)
Private Sams

Producer (Feature Film)

Catlow (1971)

Music (Feature Film)

Let's Be Cops (2014)

Cast (Special)

Of Men of Women (1973)
Director ("The Interview"), Host
Hedda Hopper's Hollywood (1960)

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

The Executioner's Song (1982)
Origins of the Mafia (1974)
The Poppy Is Also a Flower (1966)

Music (TV Mini-Series)

One Hell of a Guy (1998)
Song Performer
One Hell of a Guy (1998)

Life Events


Film acting debut


Gave best-known performance in "Ben-Hur"

Photo Collections

Billy Rose's Jumbo - Group Publicity Stills
Here are a few group photos taken to help publicize Billy Rose's Jumbo (1962), starring Doris Day, Jimmy Durante, Martha Raye, and Stephen Boyd. Publicity stills were specially-posed photos, usually taken off the set, for purposes of publicity or reference for promotional artwork.


Movie Clip

Abandon Ship! (1957) -- (Movie Clip) To Die Without You! Cruise ship officer Alec Holmes (Tyrone Power, also the un-credited producer), after the sinking of the liner, has left one raft to save his girlfriend, nurse Julie (Mai Zetterling), then after shark trouble, McKinley (Stephen Boyd) hails them to the crowded boat of the ailing captain (Laurence Naismith), James Hayter as “Cookie” giving aid, early in Abandon Ship 1957.
Abandon Ship! (1957) -- (Movie Clip) We Can't Eat You With seaman Sam (Orlando Martins) in the water griping, ships' officer Alec Holmes (Tyrone Power), taking over from the dead captain, has to deal with a dog on the lifeboat, owned by Noel Willman, Clive Morton the offended General, Victor Maddern also in the drink, Mai Zetterling and Stephen Boyd supporting his commands, in Abandon Ship 1957.
Abandon Ship! (1957) -- (Movie Clip) Thirty-seven Survived The entire credit sequence was a slow camera move into this rusted, derelict mine, ending in the explosion, grim narration from writer-director Richard Sale, and the introduction of producer and star Tyrone Power, joining a raft with Finlay Currie, Robert Harris and distraught mother Sheila Manahan, in the British-made Columbia release, Abandon Ship, 1957.
Bible: In The Beginning... The (1966) -- (Movie Clip) The Glory Of Nimrod After the flood (in which the director and narrator, John Huston, played Noah) and intermission, the story of the Tower Of Babel, with barely recognizable Stephen Boyd as Nimrod, and large spectacle, in Dino De Laurentis’ Genesis-based epic The Bible: In The Beginning…, 1966.
Fantastic Voyage (1966) -- (Movie Clip) There Should Be A Tremendous Surge Knocked off course by an undetected medical condition, supervised by military brass Arthur O’Connell and Edmond O’Brien, the crew of the miniaturized submarine (Arthur Kennedy, Stephen Boyd, Donald Pleasence, Raquel Welch, William Redfield) attempt to shoot through the temporarily stopped heart of their Cold War defector patient in Fantastic Voyage, 1966.
Fantastic Voyage (1966) -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Benes After a dramatic jet landing, joining director Richard Fleischer’s artful opening, briefly introducing Stephen Boyd, and Jean Del Val as the defector Benes, from Fantastic Voyage, 1966, also starring Raquel Welch, Edmond O’Brien, Arthur Kennedy and Donald Pleasence.
Fantastic Voyage (1966) -- (Movie Clip) An Ocean Of Life The big moment as the miniaturized submarine is injected into the bloodstream of the ailing Cold War defector, William Redfield the pilot, Arthur Kennedy, Donald Pleasence and Raquel Welch the medical crew, Stephen Boyd the CIA man along for security reasons, in director Richard Fleischer’s Fantastic Voyage, 1966.
Fantastic Voyage (1966) -- (Movie Clip) About The Size Of A Microbe Colonel Arthur O’Connell tangles with doctors Arthur Kennedy and Donald Pleasence, as General Edmond O’Brien introduces spy Grant (Stephen Boyd), to the crew, including Raquel Welch and William Redfield, all planning to miniaturize a submarine to perform emergency surgery on a valuable defector, in Fantastic Voyage, 1966.
Fantastic Voyage (1966) -- (Movie Clip) Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces We have the general impression that Stephen Boyd is a CIA man, summoned unexpectedly to a giant underground facility where General Carter (Edmond O’Brien) explains the problem, indirectly introducing Arthur Kennedy, Raquel Welch and Donald Pleasence, early in Fantastic Voyage, 1966.
Ben-Hur (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Down Eros Up Mars! Judah (Charlton Heston) greets boyhood friend Messala (Steven Boyd), returned as a Roman tribune to Judea in their first scene together in William Wyler’s Ben-Hur, 1959.
Night Heaven Fell, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) There's Been Enough Misfortune So far we know only that Ursula (Brigitte Bardot, with her ex-husband, Roger Vadim directing) is a French schoolgirl visiting Spain, when Stephen Boyd (as Lamberto) insists on riding along to see her aunt (Alida Valli) and uncle (Pepe Nieto), early in The Night Heaven Fell , 1958.
Night Heaven Fell, The (1958) -- (Movie Clip) It Charges Like A Bull Roger Vadim has written and directed his ex-wife Brigitte Bardot (as French schoolgirl Ursula, visiting Spain) into a bullfight, which she attends in hopes of meeting handsome Lamberto (Stephen Boyd), whom we know also has a thing with her aunt (Alida Valli) in The Night Heaven Fell, 1958.