Niles Welch




Cast (Feature Film)

"Kukan": The Battle Cry of China (1942)
Invasion (1942)
Mary of Scotland (1936)
The First Baby (1936)
Father in park
Empty Saddles (1936)
Jasper Kade
What Becomes of the Children? (1936)
Thomas Scott
Gentle Julia (1936)
Book salesman
The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936)
The Country Beyond (1936)
Party guest
To Mary--With Love (1936)
Wife Vs. Secretary (1936)
Tom Axel
Ivory-Handled Guns (1935)
Pat Moore, as a young man
The Singing Vagabond (1935)
Judge Forsythe Lane
Stone of Silver Creek (1935)
[Pastor] Timothy Tucker
Riding Wild (1935)
Clay Stevens
Music Is Magic (1935)
Air Hawks (1935)
Living on Velvet (1935)
Major's Aide
Shipmates Forever (1935)
Death Flies East (1935)
This Side of Heaven (1934)
The Secret Bride (1934)
Senate clerk
I Believed in You (1934)
Tomorrow's Youth (1934)
Jim Lawton
Cross Streets (1934)
Jerry Grattan
Jealousy (1934)
Police doctor
Here Comes the Navy (1934)
Whom the Gods Destroy (1934)
Zoo in Budapest (1933)
Mr. Vandor
The Fighting Code (1933)
The Mysterious Rider (1933)
John Foster
Dangerous Crossroads (1933)
The Lone Avenger (1933)
Martin Carter
Let's Fall in Love (1933)
Archie Frost
The Rainbow Trail (1932)
Cross-Examination (1932)
Warren Slade
Cornered (1932)
Moody Pearson
McKenna of the Mounted (1932)
Border Devils (1932)
Tom Hope
Come On, Tarzan (1932)
Steve Frazer
Sundown Rider (1932)
A Scarlet Week-End (1932)
The wife's former fiancé
Hell Divers (1932)
Leiutenant Commander
The Night Club Lady (1932)
Dr. Baldwin
Silver Dollar (1932)
Williams Jenning Bryan
Convicted (1931)
The Phantom (1931)
Sam Crandall
Carry on Sergeant! (1928)
Spider Webs (1927)
Bert Grantland
In Borrowed Plumes (1926)
Philip Dean
Faithful Wives (1926)
Charles Austin
Lying Wives (1925)
Wallace Graham
A Little Girl in a Big City (1925)
Jack McGuire
The Substitute Wife (1925)
Lawrence Sinton
Ermine and Rhinestones (1925)
Billy Kershaw
Dangerous Pleasure (1925)
Scandal Street (1925)
Neil Keenly/Harrison Halliday
Fear-Bound (1925)
Tod Vane
Virtue's Revolt (1924)
Steve Marbridge
The Whispered Name (1924)
John Manning
The Girl on the Stairs (1924)
Frank Farrell
Wine of Youth (1924)
My Man (1924)
Dicky Reynolds
The Right of the Strongest (1924)
Austin, Jr.
The Six-Fifty (1923)
Mark Rutherford
Sawdust (1923)
Phillip Lessoway
Who Are My Parents? (1922)
Ken, her son
Why Announce Your Marriage? (1922)
Jimmy Winthrop
Reckless Youth (1922)
John Carmen
Rags to Riches (1922)
Dumbbell [Ralph Connor]
Under Oath (1922)
Hartley Peters
Reputation (1921)
Jimmie Dorn
The Sin of Martha Queed (1921)
Arnold Barry
Remorseless Love (1921)
Enoch Morrison
The Way of a Maid (1921)
Thomas Lawlor
The Cup of Life (1921)
Roy Bradley or Warren Bradford
Who Am I? (1921)
Jimmy Weaver
The Luck of Geraldine Laird (1920)
Dean Laird
The Courage of Marge O'Doone (1920)
David Raine
The Spenders (1920)
Percy Bines
The Winning Girl (1919)
Stanley Templeton
Jane Goes A-Wooing (1919)
Monty Lyman
The Virtuous Thief (1919)
Bobbie Baker
Stepping Out (1919)
Robert Hillary
Reclaimed: the Struggle for a Soul Between Love and Hate (1919)
Frank Truman
The Law of Men (1919)
Denis Connors
Little Comrade (1919)
Bobbie Hubbard
Beckoning Roads (1919)
Humphrey Wells
The Gulf Between (1918)
Richard Farrell
The Face in the Dark (1918)
Richard Grant
Her Boy (1918)
David Morrison
Gates of Gladness (1918)
Myron Leeds
Reclaimed (1918)
Shame (1917)
Donald Strong
One of Many (1917)
Harold Templeton
The Secret of the Storm Country (1917)
Frederick Graves
Merely Mary Ann (1916)
The Kiss of Hate (1916)
Paul Turgeneff
The Narrow Path (1916)
Shirley Martin
Miss George Washington (1916)
Cleverley Trafton
A Royal Family (1915)
A Yellow Streak (1915)
Tom Austin
Emmy of Stork's Nest (1915)
Benton Cabot

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