Virginia Weidler

Virginia Weidler


Also Known As
Virginia Anna Adeleide Weidler
Birth Place
Eagle Rock, California, USA
March 21, 1927
July 01, 1968
Cause of Death
Heart Attack

Photos & Videos

Souls at Sea - Behind-the-Scenes Photos
Bad Little Angel - Movie Poster
The Women - Scene Stills




Cast (Feature Film)

The Youngest Profession (1943)
Joan Lyons
Best Foot Forward (1943)
Helen Schlessenger
Born to Sing (1942)
Patsy Eastman
The Affairs of Martha (1942)
Miranda Sommerfield
Babes on Broadway (1942)
Barbara Jo
This Time for Keeps (1942)
Harriet Bryant
I'll Wait for You (1941)
Lizzie Miller
Barnacle Bill (1941)
Virginia Johansen
The Philadelphia Story (1940)
Dinah Lord
Keeping Company (1940)
Harriet Thomas
All This, and Heaven Too (1940)
Young Tom Edison (1940)
Tannie Edison
Gold Rush Maisie (1940)
Jubie Davis
The Women (1939)
Little Mary
The Underpup (1939)
Janet Cooper
Henry Goes Arizona (1939)
Molly Cullison
The Rookie Cop (1939)
Fixer Dugan (1939)
Bad Little Angel (1939)
The Great Man Votes (1939)
Joan [Vance]
Outside These Walls (1939)
Ellen [Sparling]
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (1939)
Men with Wings (1938)
Peggy Ranson, as a child
Out West with the Hardys (1938)
"Jake" Holt
Scandal Street (1938)
Wilma "Willie" Murphy
Love Is a Headache (1938)
"Jake" [O'Toole]
Mother Carey's Chickens (1938)
Lally Joy [Popham]
Too Hot to Handle (1938)
Hulda [Harding]
Maid of Salem (1937)
Nabby, their daughter
Souls at Sea (1937)
The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1937)
The Big Broadcast of 1937 (1936)
Flower girl
Timothy's Quest (1936)
Samantha Tarbox
Girl of the Ozarks (1936)
Edie Moseley
Peter Ibbetson (1935)
Mimsey/Mary, age 6
Freckles (1935)
Laurie-Lou Duncan
Laddie (1935)
"Little Sister" Stanton
The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935)
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1934)
Europena Wiggs

Cast (Short)

Peter Ibbetson - Screen Tests (1935)

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Photo Collections

Souls at Sea - Behind-the-Scenes Photos
Souls at Sea - Behind-the-Scenes Photos
Bad Little Angel - Movie Poster
Bad Little Angel - Movie Poster
The Women - Scene Stills
Here are a number of scene stills from MGM's The Women (1939), starring Norman Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Mary Boland, Paulette Goddard, and Joan Fontaine.


Movie Clip

All This, And Heaven Too (1940) -- (Movie Clip) A Most Attractive Governess Young Raynard (Richard Nichols) and governess Henriette (Bette Davis) are surprised when their father and employer the Duc (Charles Boyer) and daughter Louise (Virginia Wiedler) arrive in Paris from the summer home, proceeding to the opera, in Warner Bros. All This, And Heaven Too, 1940.
Gold Rush Maisie (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Plenty Of Tears Ann Sothern (title character) is leaving town, from the diner where Harry (Irving Bacon) is sharing the big news, one customer (Henry Roquemore) leaving as another (Eddie Gribbon) arrives, and young Jubie (Virginia Weidler) appears seeking aid, in Gold Rush Maisie, 1940, the third in the MGM series.
Gold Rush Maisie (1940) -- (Movie Clip) I Wanna Be Just Like You! Now all-in with the family of hard-luck dirt farmer turned gold prospector Bert (John F. Hamilton), Ann Sothern (title character) meets friend Elmo (Louis Mason), who boasts of success, then chats with admiring daughter Jubie (Virginia Weidler), in Gold Rush Maisie, 1940.
Gold Rush Maisie (1940) -- (Movie Clip) What Kind Of A Town Is This? Third movie in the MGM series, this time the title character (Ann Sothern) has had a breakdown near an Arizona desert town, where, with some difficulty, she meets Lee Bowman as grumpy rancher Bill, who’s not much inclined to help, in Gold Rush Maisie, 1940, co-starring Virginia Weidler.
Great Man Votes, The (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Your Liquor Or My Lucre 27-year old Garson Kanin directs John Barrymore, then 52, whom he fought to get in the role, with Luis Alberni, who’s not really the milkman, with a brief appearance by second-billed MGM child star Virginia Weidler, on loan to RKO, opening The Great Man Votes, 1939.
Great Man Votes, The (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Pop's Only Speaking Metagorical Our first scene in the Vance the household, where John Barrymore is “Pop,” , a usually drunk but apparently erudite night watchman in a nameless Prohibition-era city, and Peter Holden and Virginia Weidler are introduced as his precocious children, in The Great Man Votes, 1939, directed by Garson Kanin.
Philadelphia Story, The (1941) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Confess! Tracy (Katharine Hepburn) realizes her ex Dexter (Cary Grant) is spinning a yarn about returning for her wedding, with mom (Mary Nash) and kid sister (Virginia Wiedler) playing catch-up, in The Philadelphia Story, 1941.



Margaret Theresa Louise
Opera singer.
George Weidler
Actor. Born in January 1926.