John Bowers


Also Known As
John E. Bowers
Birth Place
Garrett, Indiana
December 25, 1884
November 17, 2036
Cause of Death
Suicide By Drowning

Family & Companions

Marguerite De La Mott
Actor. Born Duluth, MN, June 22, 1902; died San Francisco, CA, March 10, 1950.




Cast (Feature Film)

Mounted Fury (1931)
Jim Leyton
Skin Deep (1929)
District Attorney Carlson
The Opening Night (1927)
Jimmy Keane
Three Hours (1927)
James Finlay
Jewels of Desire (1927)
Maclyn Mills
Ragtime (1927)
Ted Mason
The Dice Woman (1927)
For Ladies Only (1927)
Cliff Coleman
Heroes in Blue (1927)
The Heart of the Yukon (1927)
Jim Winston
The Danger Girl (1926)
Wilson Travers
Rocking Moon (1926)
Gary Tynan
Pals in Paradise (1926)
Bill Harvey
Laddie (1926)
Hearts and Fists (1926)
Larry Pond
Whispering Smith (1926)
Daughters Who Pay (1925)
Dick Foster
The People vs. Nancy Preston (1925)
Mike Horgan
Chickie (1925)
Barry Dunne
Flattery (1925)
Reginald Mallory
Confessions of a Queen (1925)
Prince Alexei
Off the Highway (1925)
Donald Brett
The White Sin (1924)
Grant Van Gore
Those Who Dare (1924)
Captain Manning
When a Man's a Man (1924)
Lawrence Knight, "Patches"
Code of the Wilderness (1924)
Rex Randerson
Empty Hearts (1924)
Milt Kimberlin
So Big (1924)
Pervus DeJong
Richard, the Lion-Hearted (1923)
Sir Kenneth, Knight of the Leopard
The Destroying Angel (1923)
Hugh Miller Whittaker
Desire (1923)
Bob Elkins
The Woman of Bronze (1923)
Paddy Miles
Divorce (1923)
Jim Parker
What a Wife Learned (1923)
Jim Russell
The Barefoot Boy (1923)
Dick Alden
Crinoline and Romance (1923)
Davis Jordan
The Golden Gift (1922)
James Llewelyn
Lorna Doone (1922)
John Ridd
The Bonded Woman (1922)
John Somers
Affinities (1922)
Day Illington
Quincy Adams Sawyer (1922)
Quincy Adams Sawyer
South of Suva (1922)
John Webster
Bits of Life (1921)
Dentist's patient
The Silent Call (1921)
Clark Moran
Roads of Destiny (1921)
David Marsh
The Sky Pilot (1921)
The sky pilot
The Ace of Hearts (1921)
The Poverty of Riches (1921)
Tom Donaldson
The Night Rose (1921)
An Unwilling Hero (1921)
Out of the Storm (1920)
John Ordham
A Cumberland Romance (1920)
The Woman in Room 13 (1920)
Paul Ramsey
Godless Men (1920)
Dan Dorrin
Through the Wrong Door (1919)
Burt Radcliffe
Day Dreams (1919)
Dan O'Hara
The Pest (1919)
Gene Giles
Daughter of Mine (1919)
George Howard/Byron Mulvaney
Sis Hopkins (1919)
Ridy Scarboro
Strictly Confidential (1919)
Vernon, Lord Bantock
The Loves of Letty (1919)
Richard Perry
What Love Forgives (1919)
David Knox Endicott
Heredity (1918)
Paul Winslow
The Cabaret (1918)
Dick Turner
Journey's End (1918)
Phil Marsden
Joan of the Woods (1918)
Norman Dicks
T'other Dear Charmer (1918)
Tom Wentworth
The Sea Waif (1918)
Harry Caton
The Spurs of Sybil (1918)
Dr. Ross Alger
Stolen Hours (1918)
Hugh Carton
A Woman of Redemption (1918)
Tim Stanton
The Oldest Law (1918)
Billy West
The Way Out (1918)
Count Louis de Jouiville
Betsy Ross (1917)
Joseph Ashburn
The Strong Way (1917)
Don Chadwick
Easy Money (1917)
Richard Chanslor
The Tenth Case (1917)
Sanford King
A Self-Made Widow (1917)
Fitzhugh Castleton
The Divorce Game (1917)
Paul, Viscount de Sallure
Darkest Russia (1917)
Alexis Nazimoff
Maternity (1917)
David Gordon
The Bondage of Fear (1917)
Dick Mortimer
Shall We Forgive Her? (1917)
Oliver West
The Reward of Patience (1916)
Robert Penfield
Destiny's Toy (1916)
Reverent Robert Carter
Madame X (1916)
Monsieur Floriot
Hulda from Holland (1916)
Allan Walton
The Eternal Grind (1916)
Owen Wharton
The Little Dutch Girl (1915)
The Woman Pays (1915)
John Langton

Life Events


Marguerite De La Mott
Actor. Born Duluth, MN, June 22, 1902; died San Francisco, CA, March 10, 1950.