Henry B. Walthall

Henry B. Walthall


Also Known As
Henry Walthall
Birth Place
Shelby City, Alabama, USA
March 16, 1878
June 17, 1936

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Family & Companions

Mary Charleson
Actor. Died December 3, 1961 at age 76.




Cast (Feature Film)

The Garden Murder Case (1936)
Dr. Garden
China Clipper (1936)
Dad Brunn
The Devil-Doll (1936)
Hearts in Bondage (1936)
Captain Buchanan
The Mine with the Iron Door (1936)
David Burton
The Last Outlaw (1936)
Under Sheriff Calvin Yates
A Tale of Two Cities (1935)
Dr. Manette
Dante's Inferno (1935)
Pop McWade
Men in White (1934)
Dr. McCabe
The Lemon Drop Kid (1934)
Jonas Deering
Viva Villa (1934)
Francisco Madero
Love Time (1934)
Duke Johann von Hatzfeld
Helldorado (1934)
Abner Meadows
City Park (1934)
Colonel Henry Randolph Ransome
Murder in the Museum (1934)
Bernard Lathan Wayne, also known as Professor Mysto
Beggars in Ermine (1934)
Bachelor of Arts (1934)
Professor Barth
The Scarlet Letter (1934)
[Doctor] Roger [Prynne] Chillingworth
Judge Priest (1934)
Rev. Ashby Brand
A Girl of the Limberlost (1934)
Dr. Ammon
Dark Hazard (1934)
The Sin of Nora Moran (1933)
Father Ryan
The Flaming Signal (1933)
Rev. James
Laughing at Life (1933)
Presidente Valenzuela
Somewhere in Sonora (1933)
Bob Leadly
Her Forgotten Past (1933)
Mr. [John] Maynard
Headline Shooter (1933)
Judge Beacon
42nd Street (1933)
The Actor
Cabin in the Cotton (1932)
Eph Clinton
Alias Mary Smith (1932)
Strange Interlude (1932)
Professor Leeds
Hotel Continental (1932)
Me and My Gal (1932)
Self-Defense (1932)
Dr. Borden
Chandu the Magician (1932)
Robert Regent
Police Court (1932)
Nat Barry
Klondike (1932)
Mark Armstrong
Ride Him, Cowboy (1932)
John Gaunt
Central Park (1932)
Anybody's Blonde (1931)
The editor [Mr. Evans]
Is There Justice? (1931)
District Attorney John Raymond
Temple Tower (1930)
Blaze o' Glory (1930)
The Love Trader (1930)
Captain Adams
Tol'able David (1930)
Amos Hatburn
Abraham Lincoln (1930)
Colonel Marshall
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1929)
Father Juniper
Speakeasy (1929)
From Headquarters (1929)
Buffalo Bill Ryan
In Old California (1929)
Don Pedro DeLeĆ³n
The Phantom in the House (1929)
Boyd Milburn
The Trespasser (1929)
River of Romance (1929)
Gen. Jeff Rumford
Black Magic (1929)
Dr. Bradbroke
Stark Mad (1929)
Captain Rhodes
Freedom of the Press (1928)
John Ballard
Love Me and the World Is Mine (1928)
Van Denbosch
The Enchanted Island (1927)
Tim Sanborn
A Light in the Window (1927)
Johann Graff
The Rose of Kildare (1927)
Bob Avery
Fighting Love (1927)
Filipo Navarro
London After Midnight (1927)
Sir James Hamlin
The Scarlet Letter (1927)
Roger Prynne
Wings (1927)
Mr. Armstrong
The Barrier (1926)
Gale [Gaylord]
The Unknown Soldier (1926)
Mr. Phillips
The Road to Mandalay (1926)
Father James
Everybody's Acting (1926)
Three Faces East (1926)
George Bennett
Dollar Down (1925)
Alec Craig
Kit Carson Over the Great Divide (1925)
Dr. Samuel Webb
On the Threshold (1925)
Andrew Masters
Kentucky Pride (1925)
Mr. Beaumont
The Girl Who Wouldn't Work (1925)
William Hale
Simon the Jester (1925)
The Plastic Age (1925)
Henry Carver
The Golden Bed (1925)
Colonel Peake
Single Wives (1924)
Franklin Dexter
The Woman on the Jury (1924)
Prosecuting attorney
The Bowery Bishop (1924)
Norman Strong
The Unknown Purple (1923)
Peter Marchmont/Victor Cromport
The Face on the Barroom Floor (1923)
Robert Stevens
Boy of Mine (1923)
William Latimer
The Ableminded Lady (1922)
Breezy Bright
The Kick Back (1922)
Aaron Price
The Long Chance (1922)
Harley P. Hennage
One Clear Call (1922)
Henry Garnett
The Marriage Chance (1922)
Dr. Paul Graydon
Flower of the North (1921)
Philip Whittemore
Parted Curtains (1920)
Joe Jenkins
The Confession (1920)
Father Bartlett
A Splendid Hazard (1920)
Karl Breitman
Modern Husbands (1919)
Stephen Duane
The Long Lane's Turning (1919)
Harry Sevier
The Long Arm of Mannister (1919)
George Mannister
The False Faces (1919)
Michael Lanyard, "The Lone Wolf"
The Boomerang (1919)
George Gray
And a Still Small Voice (1918)
Clay Randolph
His Robe of Honor (1918)
Julian Randolph
With Hoops of Steel (1918)
Emerson Mead
Humdrum Brown (1918)
Hector "Humdrum" Brown
The Great Love (1918)
Sir Roger Brighton
The Saint's Adventure (1917)
Rev. Paul Manson
Burning the Candle (1917)
James Maxwell
Little Shoes (1917)
David Noel
National Association's All-Star Picture (1917)
The Truant Soul (1916)
Dr. John Lancaster/Dr. Lawson
The Sting of Victory (1916)
David Whiting/Walker Whiting
The Misleading Lady (1916)
Jack Craigen
The Birth of a Man (1916)
Pillars of Society (1916)
Karsten Bernick
The Raven (1915)
Edgar Allan Poe
Beulah (1915)
Dr. Guy Hartwell
Ghosts (1915)
Captain Arling/Oswald
The Birth of a Nation (1915)
Col. Ben Cameron
The Gangsters (1914)
Porky Dugan
The Avenging Conscience; Thou Shalt Not Kill (1914)
The Nephew
Home, Sweet Home (1914)
John Howard Payne
Classmates (1914)
Duncan Irving
Lord Chumley (1914)
Lord Chumley
Judith of Bethulia (1914)
The Floor Above (1914)
Stephen Pryde
The Mountain Rat (1914)
Douglas Williams

Cast (Short)

Retribution (1928)

Life Events

Photo Collections

The Devil Doll - Behind-the-Scenes Photos
Here are a few photos taken behind-the-scenes during production of MGM's The Devil Doll (1936), starring Lionel Barrymore and directed by Tod Browning.


Movie Clip

Sin Of Nora Moran, The (1933) -- (Movie Clip) The Opiate Quieted Her Body Complex narrative as Claire DuBrey, wife of the governor, has come to her brother the D-A (Alan Dinehart) with letters from a lover who, he admits, was the troubled title character (Zita Johann), who is, as time leaps, comforted by Sarah Padden, then as a child (Cora Sue Collins) by Father Ryan (Henry B. Walthall), in The Sin Of Nora Moran, 1933.
Hold Your Man (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Be A Pal! Following shortly upon the opening, tight comedy with Clark Gable as hustler Eddie caught running a street scam, diving into the apartment where Jean Harlow bathes, gamely providing cover when his mark and a cop (Henry B. Walthall, Jack Cheatham) arrive in pursuit, in MGM's Hold Your Man, 1933.
Hold Your Man (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Can't Tell A Banker From A Bum Clever opening bit with Clark Gable in hustler mode, encountering venerable Henry B. Walthall on an MGM city street, then Garry Owen at a pawn shop, Sam Wood directing from an original screenplay by Howard Emmett Rogers and Anita Loos, in Hold Your Man, 1933, also starring Jean Harlow.
Viva Villa! (1934) -- (Movie Clip) This Is Your Country! Writer Ben Hecht never thought much of Hollywood or screenplays in general, but had few peers for this kind of scene, with Wallace Beery as the bandit title character meeting the scholarly revolutionary Madero (Henry B. Walthall), in MGM’s Viva Villa!, 1934.
China Clipper (1936) -- (Movie Clip) First Ninety Miles The day of the airline's first flight to Cuba, Tom (Ross Alexander) with ex-gal Sunny (Marie Wilson), pilot Dave (Pat O'Brien) with engineer "Dad," (Henry B. Walthall), colleague Hap (Humphrey Bogart) joining for a successful montage, in Warner Bros.' China Clipper, 1936.
Devil-Doll, The (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Open, My Work Easily the most routine scene, following opening credits, introducing Lavond (Lionel Barrymore) and Marcel (Henry B. Walthall), escaping Devil's Island in Tod Browning's The Devil-Doll, 1936.
Devil-Doll, The (1936) -- (Movie Clip) She'll Be Perfect Lavond (Lionel Barrymore) awakens to discover the true nature of experiments by Marcel (Henry B. Walthall) and spooky wife Malita (Rafaela Ottiano) in Tod Browning's The Devil-Doll, 1936.
Birth Of A Nation, The (1915) -- (Movie Clip) Plantation The Southern Camerons with their Northern guests the Stoneman's, Ben (Henry B. Walthall) showing Phil (Elmer Cifton) how very nice the slaves have it on the plantation, early in D.W. Griffith's The Birth Of A Nation, 1915.
China Clipper (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Too Short A Hop The financier (Addison Richards) is pulling the plug on airline founders Dave (Pat O'Brien), Tom (Ross Alexander) and "Dad" (Henry B. Walthall), who later commiserate with "Skippy" (Beverly Roberts) and Sunny (Marie Wilson), in China Clipper, 1936.
Birth Of A Nation, The -- (Movie Clip) Little Colonel A portion of the first big battle scene, southerner Ben Cameron (Henry B. Walthall) with a noble gesture then another with a flag, from D.W. Griffith's The Birth Of A Nation, 1915.


Mary Charleson
Actor. Died December 3, 1961 at age 76.