Andrew Tombes



Also Known As
Andrew J. Tombes
Birth Place
Ashtabula, Ohio, USA
June 29, 1885
May 04, 1976


Andrew Tombes was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Tombes kickstarted his acting career in various films such as the Constance Bennett musical comedy "Moulin Rouge" (1934), "Born to Be Bad" (1934) and "Thanks a Million" (1935). He also appeared in "Doubting Thomas" (1935), "King of Burlesque" (1935) and the musical "Stage Struck" (1936) with Dick Powell. His film car...


Andrew Tombes was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Tombes kickstarted his acting career in various films such as the Constance Bennett musical comedy "Moulin Rouge" (1934), "Born to Be Bad" (1934) and "Thanks a Million" (1935). He also appeared in "Doubting Thomas" (1935), "King of Burlesque" (1935) and the musical "Stage Struck" (1936) with Dick Powell. His film career continued throughout the forties in productions like the comedy adaptation "Louisiana Purchase" (1941) with Bob Hope, the drama "Meet John Doe" (1941) with Gary Cooper and the Jean Hersholt drama "Melody For Three" (1941). He also appeared in "Lady Scarface" (1941). Film continued to be his passion as he played roles in the David Bruce horror film "The Mad Ghoul" (1943), the comedy "Reveille With Beverly" (1943) with Ann Miller and "Goin' to Town" (1944). He also appeared in the Ella Raines mystery "Phantom Lady" (1944) and "Swing Fever" (1944) with Kay Kyser. Tombes more recently acted in the comedic adaptation "How to Be Very, Very Popular" (1955) with Betty Grable. Tombes passed away in May 1976 at the age of 91.



Cast (Feature Film)

How To Be Very, Very Popular (1955)
Sgt. Moon
I Dream of Jeanie (with the Light Brown Hair) (1952)
R. E. Howard
Oklahoma Annie (1952)
Belle Le Grand (1951)
Watch the Birdie (1951)
A Wonderful Life (1951)
Harry Jenkins
The Jackpot (1950)
Joe Palooka in Humphrey Takes a Chance (1950)
Sheriff Grogan
Oh, You Beautiful Doll (1949)
Ted Held
Two Guys from Texas (1948)
The Texan
Beat the Band (1947)
Professor [Enrico Blanchetti]
Hoppy's Holiday (1947)
Mayor Patton
The Devil Thumbs a Ride (1947)
Joe Brayden
Christmas Eve (1947)
Louisiana (1947)
My Wild Irish Rose (1947)
The Fabulous Dorseys (1947)
De Witt
Badman's Territory (1946)
Doc Grant
Sing While You Dance (1946)
Two Sisters from Boston (1946)
Tall professor
You Came Along (1945)
Second man
Night Club Girl (1945)
Patrick the Great (1945)
Sam Bassett
Don't Fence Me In (1945)
G. I. Honeymoon (1945)
Rev. Horace
Bring on the Girls (1945)
Dr. Spender
Frontier Gal (1945)
Judge Prescott
Rhapsody in Blue (1945)
Mr. Million
Incendiary Blonde (1945)
Show Business (1944)
Bathing Beauty (1944)
Justice of the peace
The Merry Monahans (1944)
Something for the Boys (1944)
Southern colonel
Lake Placid Serenade (1944)
Skating club head
Murder in the Blue Room (1944)
Dr. [Harry] Carroll
Phantom Lady (1944)
Can't Help Singing (1944)
Sad Sam
Swing Fever (1944)
Dr. Clyde L. Star
The Singing Sheriff (1944)
Jonas [Lucas]
Week-End Pass (1944)
Reckless Age (1944)
Mr. Cook
San Fernando Valley (1944)
John "Cyclone" Kenyon
Kansas City Kitty (1944)
Goin' to Town (1944)
M. A. Parker
It's a Great Life (1943)
Insurance agent
Crazy House (1943)
[Horace L.] Gregory
Riding High (1943)
P. D. Smith
Coney Island (1943)
Horace Carter
I Dood It (1943)
Mr. Spelvin
Hi' Ya, Chum (1943)
Cook [Jerry Macintosh]
A Stranger in Town (1943)
Roscoe Swade
The Mad Ghoul (1943)
Honeymoon Lodge (1943)
Judge Wilkins
The Meanest Man in the World (1943)
His Butler's Sister (1943)
My Kingdom for a Cook (1943)
Abe Mason
Let's Face It (1943)
Judge Henry Clay Pigeon
It Ain't Hay (1943)
Big-Hearted Charlie
Hi Diddle Diddle (1943)
Reveille with Beverly (1943)
Mr. Smith
Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)
Obliging Young Lady (1942)
Larceny, Inc. (1942)
Oscar Engelhart
A Close Call for Ellery Queen (1942)
Blondie Goes to College (1942)
J. J. Wadsworth
Road to Morocco (1942)
Oso Bucco
Between Us Girls (1942)
Don't Get Personal (1942)
[James] J. M. Snow
They All Kissed the Bride (1942)
My Gal Sal (1942)
Call Out the Marines (1942)
Mr. Woods
A Girl, a Guy and a Gob (1941)
Caught in the Draft (1941)
Justice of the peace
Bedtime Story (1941)
World Premiere (1941)
Sis Hopkins (1941)
Last of the Duanes (1941)
Sheriff [Frank Taylor]
Louisiana Purchase (1941)
Dean Manning
Mountain Moonlight (1941)
Senator Marvin
Meet the Chump (1941)
A Dangerous Game (1941)
Silas [Biggsby]
The Wild Man of Borneo (1941)
"Doc" Dunbar
Texas (1941)
Melody for Three (1941)
Mickey Delancey
Lady Scarface (1941)
Down Mexico Way (1941)
Mayor Tubbs
Meet John Doe (1941)
Double Date (1941)
Judge Perkins
Hellzapoppin' (1941)
Third Finger, Left Hand (1940)
Mr. Kelland
Captain Caution (1940)
Sad Eyes
In Old Missouri (1940)
Wolf of New York (1940)
Sylvester Duncan
Charter Pilot (1940)
[W. J.] Brady
Village Barn Dance (1940)
Too Busy to Work (1939)
Wilbur Wentworth
Boy Trouble (1939)
Mr. Snively
Money to Burn (1939)
What a Life (1939)
Professor Abernathy
Nick Carter, Master Detective (1939)
Five of a Kind (1938)
Dr. Bruno
Thanks for Everything (1938)
Vacation from Love (1938)
Judge Brandon
Romance on the Run (1938)
J. W. Ridgeway
Always in Trouble (1938)
J. C. Darlington
One Wild Night (1938)
Chief [William] Nolan
Checkers (1938)
Tobias Williams
A Desperate Adventure (1938)
Cosmo Carrington
Sally, Irene and Mary (1938)
Battle of Broadway (1938)
Judge Hutchins
Borrowing Trouble (1937)
Uncle George
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937)
Police Chief Scott
Turn Off the Moon (1937)
Dr. Wakefield
Easy Living (1937)
E. F. Hulgar
Time Out for Romance (1937)
James Blanchard
Sing and Be Happy (1937)
Thomas Lane
Fair Warning (1937)
J. C. Farnham
The Holy Terror (1937)
Commander [J. J.] Otis
45 Fathers (1937)
Riding on Air (1937)
Mr. Byrd
Meet the Boyfriend (1937)
J. Ardmore Potts
Big City (1937)
Inspector Matthews
Stage Struck (1936)
Burns Heywood
Here Comes Trouble (1936)
The Country Beyond (1936)
Senator Rawlings
It Had to Happen (1936)
Hot Money (1936)
Ticket to Paradise (1936)
King of Burlesque (1936)
The Devil Is a Sissy (1936)
Mr. Muldoon
Thanks a Million (1935)
Mr. Grass
Music Is Magic (1935)
Producer Ben Pomeroy
Here Comes Cookie (1935)
Doubting Thomas (1935)
Moulin Rouge (1934)

Cast (Short)

Alex in Wonderland (1940)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Two Guys From Texas (1948) -- (Movie Clip) There's Music In The Land Opening for Warner Bros. the follow-up to Two Guys From Milwaukee (1946), also produced by Alex Gottlieb and directed by David Butler, real-life best-buddy Wisconsinites Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan as song and dance men about to be stranded, with a Sammy Cahn-Jule Styne original, greeted by Andrew Tombes, in Two Guys From Texas, 1948.
Phantom Lady (1944) -- (Movie Clip) It Would Be Fun To Laugh Nobody gets a name here, the actors are Alan Curtis, Fay Helm, and Andrew Tombes as the bartender, Robert Siodmak directing, from the first novel by writer Cornell Woolrich written under his “William Irish” pseudonym, in Phantom Lady, 1944, also starring Ella Raines and Franchot Tone.
Rhapsody In Blue (1945) -- (Movie Clip) A Fella's Gotta Start Somewhere First scene for Robert Alda as grown-up Bronxite George Gershwin, with brother Ira (Herbert Rudley) and parents (Rosemary DeCamp, Morris Carnovsky), when a message from Chico Marx leads to a meeting with an insulting Vaudevillian (Andrew Tombes), in Warner Bros.’ bio-pic Rhapsody In Blue, 1945.
Lady Scarface (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Kennels Ain't Fit For A Dog! Eric Blore is a dog fancier, unaware he's answering the coded want ad for a gang meet-up, as the hotel dick (Andrew Tombes) greets cop Mason (Dennis O'Keefe), who tangles with reporter Ann (Frances Neal), while the mastermind (Judith Anderson) spots the message, in Lady Scarface, 1941.
They All Kissed The Bride (1942) -- (Movie Clip) There's Nothing Libelous Opening scene, Joan Crawford and hairdo dominating the board-room, as trucking firm boss "MJ," in a role originally written for Carole Lombard, Andrew Tombes and Roland Young among her staff, in They All Kissed The Bride, 1942, also starring Melvyn Douglas.
Hot Money (1936) -- (Movie Clip) What A Big House! Hustler Willy (Andrew Tombes) arrives with investor Dourfuss (Joseph Cawthorne) to collect P-R man Chick (Ross Alexander) from his temporary home in Ossining, NY, crackpot inventor Dr. David (Paul Graetz) secured in the back seat, early in Hot Money, 1936.
Hot Money (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Female Typewriters! Deal-maker Willy (Andrew Tombes) trying to reassure investor Dourfuss (Joseph Cawthorne) that Chick (Ross Alexander) isn't splurging on the new firm, job applicants Ruth (Anne Nagel) and Grace (Beverly Roberts) arriving, in Hot Money, 1936.