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Alice Terry


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Magician, The (1926) -- (Movie Clip) Concentrate Your Attention Occult-ish Paris scientist Haddo (Paul Wegener, title character), claiming he’s dropped by to apeologize for earlier bad behavior, has lightly hypnotized heroine Margaret (Alice Terry), whereupon director Rex Ingram leaps into fantasy, in The Magician, 1926, from a Somerset Maugham novel.
Magician, The (1926) -- (Movie Clip) Margaret Dauncey, Sculpteur Working on location in Paris, director Rex Ingram introduces his wife and production partner Alice Terry in the lead role, Gladys Hamer her hapless colleague, and a nasty art accident, opening The Magician, 1926, from a Somerset Maugham novel, starring Paul Wegener.
Magician, The (1926) -- (Movie Clip) Hypnotist, Magician And Student Of Medicine Paul Wegener as the title character, Oliver Haddo, dominates in his first scene, observing American surgeon Burdon (Ivan Petrovich) saving the paralyzed leading lady Margaret (Alice Terry, wife of director Rex Ingram), her doctor-uncle-guardian (Firmin Gamier) attending, in The Magician, 1926.
Magician, The (1926) -- (Movie Clip) Deadliest Of All Snakes Dr. Burdon (Ivan Petrovich) and sculptress Margaret (Alice Terry) are now an item, attending a Parisian fair, where creepy quasi-professional scientist Haddon (Paul Wegener) has been shadowing them, causing bad stuff to go down at the snake tent, in director Rex Ingram’s The Magician, 1926.
Mare Nostrum (1926) -- (Movie Clip) Goddess Of The Sea In director Rex Ingram's sketch of family history, the uncle called "The Triton" (Uni Apollon) horrifies a servant (Hughie Mack), urging young Ulysses (Kada Abd el Kader, who will become leading man Antonio Moreno) to take to the sea, in the international mega-production Mare Nostrum, 1926.
Mare Nostrum (1926) -- (Movie Clip) The Forbidden Room His family enriched by the Great War, Spanish captain Ulysses (Antonio Moreno) vacationing in Naples (on location) meets Freya (Alice Terry, wife of director Rex Ingram) who, he doesn’t realize, reminds him of the sea goddess of his dreams, with a stuffy archaeologist (Mme. Paquerette), in Mare Nostrum, 1926.
Prisoner Of Zenda, The (1922) -- (Movie Clip) More Manly Englishman Rassendyll (Lewis Stone), look-alike stand-in for the detained king of Ruritania, has just been coronated, infuriating the evil duke (Stuart Holmes) but pleasing princess Flavia (Alice Terry), who doesn't know he's replaced her usually wimpy cousin, in The Prisoner Of Zenda, 1922.


Rex Ingram
Director. Married until his death in 1950.