Forrest Stanley

Forrest Stanley




Cast (Feature Film)

Curse of the Undead (1959)
The Tattered Dress (1957)
Hank Bell
Outlaws of the Desert (1941)
Charles Grant
Show Boat (1936)
Theater manager
Racing Youth (1932)
Sin's Pay Day (1932)
James Markey
Rider of Death Valley (1932)
Doctor Larribee
Arizona (1931)
Colonel Bonham
The Love Kiss (1930)
Roger Jackson
The Drake Case (1929)
District Attorney
Bare Knees (1928)
John Longworth
Into the Night (1928)
Gavin Murdock
Phantom of the Turf (1928)
Jazzland (1928)
Hamilton Pew
The Wheel of Destiny (1927)
The Climbers (1927)
Duke Córdova/El Blanco
The Cat and the Canary (1927)
Charlie Wilder
Dancing Days (1926)
Ralph Hedman
The Shadow of the Law (1926)
James Reynolds
Forest Havoc (1926)
The Girl Who Wouldn't Work (1925)
William Norworth
When Husbands Flirt (1925)
Henry Gilbert
With This Ring (1925)
John Wendell
The Fate of a Flirt (1925)
Up the Ladder (1925)
James Van Clinton
The Unwritten Law (1925)
Beauty and the Bad Man (1925)
Madoc Bill
The Breath of Scandal (1924)
Gregg Mowbry
Wine (1924)
Carl Graham
Through the Dark (1924)
Boston Blackie
When Knighthood Was in Flower (1923)
Charles Brandon
Tiger Rose (1923)
Michael Devlin
Bavu (1923)
Mischa Vleck
Her Accidental Husband (1923)
Gordon Gray
Beauty's Worth (1922)
Cheyne Rovein
The Pride of Palomar (1922)
Don Mike Farrell
The Young Diana (1922)
Commander Cleeve
Sacred and Profane Love (1921)
Forbidden Fruit (1921)
Nelson Rogers
Enchantment (1921)
Ernest Eddison
The House That Jazz Built (1921)
Frank Rodham
Big Game (1921)
Larry Winthrop
The Notorious Mrs. Sands (1920)
Ronald Cliffe
The Misfit Wife (1920)
Peter Crandall
A Woman Who Understood (1920)
Robert Knight
The Thirtieth Piece of Silver (1920)
Captain Peyton Lake
The Triflers (1920)
Monte Moreville
Other Men's Wives (1919)
James Gordon
Under Suspicion (1919)
Jerome Kent
His Official Fiancée (1919)
William "Still" Waters
The Rescuing Angel (1919)
Joseph Whitely
What Every Woman Wants (1919)
Philip Belden
The Thunderbolt (1919)
Spencer Vail
The Making of Maddalena (1916)
George Hale
Tongues of Men (1916)
Rev. Penfield Sturgis
He Fell in Love with His Wife (1916)
James Holcroft
Madame La Presidente (1916)
Cyprian Gaudet
The Code of Marcia Gray (1916)
Orlando Castle
The Heart of Paula (1916)
Bruce McLean
The Reform Candidate (1915)
Richard Benton
The Rug Maker's Daughter (1915)
Robert Van Buren
The Yankee Girl (1915)
Jack Lawrence
The Wild Olive (1915)
Norrie Ford
Pretty Mrs. Smith (1915)
Mr. Smith No. 2 [Forrest]
Jane (1915)
Charles Shackleton

Life Events


Movie Clip

When Knighthood Was In Flower (1922) -- (Movie Clip) Locked On Two Sides Biggest scene for William Powell in only his second picture, as new King Francis I of France, determined to take his father’s widow, the young Queen Mary, formerly Tudor, of France (Marion Davies), for his own, her friend Caskoden (Ernest Glendenning) aiding her escape, in When Knighthood Was In Flower, 1922.
When Knighthood Was In Flower (1922) -- (Movie Clip) Mary Tudor, Sister Of Henry Opening with Marion Davies as Mary Tudor, a historical figure, heroine of a best-selling novel from which the film takes its name, Lyn Harding her brother Henry VIII, Forrest Stanley as dashing Brandon, Pedro de Cordoba as Buckingham, a lavish production from William Randolph Hearst’s Cosmopolitan Pictures, When Knighthood Was In Flower, 1922.
When Knighthood Was In Flower (1922) -- (Movie Clip) You Will Be Queen Princess Mary Tudor (Marion Davies) with aide Jane (Ruth Shepley) makes a prohibited visit to the soothsayer (Gustav Von Seyffertitz), hoping to hear she’ll be able to marry her beloved commoner Brandon (Forrest Stanley), who outside guards her from enemies led by Buckingham (Pedro De Cordoba), early in When Knighthood Was In Flower, 1922.
When Knighthood Was In Flower (1922) -- (Movie Clip) Love Was Not Mentioned Indignant young Mary Tudor (Marion Davies) with her confidante Jane Bolingbroke (Ruth Shepley) complains about her brother Henry VIII (Lyn Harding) planning to marry her off, early in William Randolph Hearst’s expansive 1922 box-office hit, When Knighthood Was In Flower.