Abraham Sofaer

Abraham Sofaer


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Matter Of Life And Death, A (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Court Of Appeal The Judge (Abraham Sofaer) and the set take center stage in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's A Matter of Life and Death, 1947, a.k.a. Stairway to Heaven.
Pandora And The Flying Dutchman (1952) -- (Movie Clip) With One Bloody Blow Writer-director Albert Lewin from contemporary to fantasy flashback, van der Zee (James Mason) imagining himself in the old legend, his wife (Ava Gardner) and Abraham Sofaer the imposing judge, in Pandora And The Flying Dutchman, 1952.
Naked Jungle, The (1954) -- (Movie Clip) There Must Be Something Wrong With You The end of a conversation in which forthright South American plantation owner Leinengen (Charlton Heston) discovers that his way-too classy mail-order wife Joanna (Eleanor Parker) has been married before, the piano a metaphor for her status, in producer George Pal’s The Naked Jungle, 1954.
Quo Vadis (1951) -- (Movie Clip) May A Traveler Interrupt? Arriving at the Roman home of Plautius (Felix Aylmer) and Pomponia (Nora Swinburne), saintly Greek Jew Paul (Abraham Sofaer), greets convert Lygia (Deborah Kerr) and meets amorous General Marcus Vinicus (Robert Taylor) in Quo Vadis, 1951.
Elephant Walk -- (Movie Clip) She Is Not One Of Us Morning after her arrival at her husband's Ceylon tea plantation, Ruth (Elizabeth Taylor) finds servant Appuhamy (Abraham Sofaer) communing with her deceased father-in-law, while spouse John (Peter Finch) and his outgoing foreman Carver (Dana Andrews) tour facilities, in Elephant Walk, 1954.