Betty Blythe



Also Known As
Elizabeth Blythe Slaughter
Birth Place
Los Angeles, California, USA
September 01, 1893
April 07, 1972

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Cast (Feature Film)

My Fair Lady (1964)
Ad lib at ball
Lust for Life (1956)
The Lonesome Trail (1955)
Mrs. Wells
Hollywood Story (1951)
The Barkleys of Broadway (1949)
Guest in lobby
Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters (1949)
Mrs. Van Belden
Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948)
Frau Kohner
Cass Timberlane (1948)
Madonna of the Desert (1948)
Mrs. Brown
Luxury Liner (1948)
Miss Fenmoor
Jiggs and Maggie in Society (1947)
Mrs. Vacuum
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947)
Floor manager
Song of Love (1947)
Lady with opera glasses
Adventure (1946)
Mrs. Buckley
Undercurrent (1946)
The Undercover Woman (1946)
Cissy Van Horn
Fig Leaf for Eve (1946)
Lavinia Sardam
Joe Palooka, Champ (1946)
Mrs. Stafford
The Hoodlum Saint (1946)
The Kid from Brooklyn (1946)
Mrs. Le Moyne's friend
Her Highness and the Bellboy (1945)
Diplomat's wife
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood (1945)
Mrs. Murdock
Docks of New York (1945)
Mrs. Darcy
Love, Honor and Goodbye (1945)
They Were Expendable (1945)
Officer's wife
The Chinese Cat (1944)
Mrs. Manning
Where Are Your Children? (1944)
Mrs. Cheston
Presenting Lily Mars (1943)
Sarong Girl (1943)
Miss Ellsworth
Mr. Muggs Steps Out (1943)
Margaret [Morgan]
Bar 20 (1943)
Mrs. Stevens
Spotlight Scandals (1943)
Mrs. Baker
Girls in Chains (1943)
Mrs. Grey
Two Yanks in Trinidad (1942)
Dawn on the Great Divide (1942)
Elmira Corkle
Freckles Comes Home (1942)
Mrs. Potter
House of Errors (1942)
Mrs. [Martha] Randall
Yokel Boy (1942)
Our Wife (1941)
Honky Tonk (1941)
Mrs. Wilson
Tuxedo Junction (1941)
Miss Hornblower
Top Sergeant Mulligan (1941)
Mrs. Lewis
Federal Fugitives (1941)
The Miracle Kid (1941)
Madam Gloria
Earl of Puddlestone (1940)
Millicent Potter-Potter
Misbehaving Husbands (1940)
Effie Butler
The Women (1939)
Mrs. South
Hold That Kiss (1938)
Gangster's Boy (1938)
Mrs. Davis
Romance of the Limberlost (1938)
Mrs. Parker
Delinquent Parents (1938)
Mrs. Wharton
Man-Proof (1938)
Country club woman
Little Tough Guys in Society (1938)
Espionage (1937)
Conquest (1937)
Princess Mirska
It's Up to You (1936)
Murder at Glen Athol (1936)
Ann Randel
Rainbow on the River (1936)
Flower buyer
Yours for the Asking (1936)
Society woman
The Gorgeous Hussy (1936)
Mrs. Wainwright
Anna Karénina (1935)
The Spanish Cape Mystery (1935)
Mrs. Godfrey
Cheers of the Crowd (1935)
Lil Langdon Walton
The Fighting Lady (1935)
Mrs. Hanford
The Perfect Clue (1935)
Ursula Chesebrough
Western Courage (1935)
Mrs. Hanley
Two Heads on a Pillow (1934)
Mrs. Walker
The Scarlet Letter (1934)
A Girl of the Limberlost (1934)
Mrs. Parker, "The Bird Woman"
Money Means Nothing (1934)
Mrs. Ferris
Night Alarm (1934)
Mrs. Van Dusen
Ever Since Eve (1934)
Mrs. Vandegrift
Badge of Honor (1934)
Mrs. Van Alstyne
I've Been Around (1934)
Pilgrimage (1933)
Janet Prescot
Before Midnight (1933)
Mavis [Fry]
Only Yesterday (1933)
Mrs. Vincent
Tom Brown of Culver (1932)
Dolores Delight
Lena Rivers (1932)
Mrs. Mathilda Nichols
Back Street (1932)
Glorious Betsy (1928)
Princess Fredericka
Stolen Love (1928)
Sisters of Eve (1928)
Mrs. Wenham Gardner
Domestic Troubles (1928)
Into No Man's Land (1928)
The Countess
Snowbound (1927)
Julia Barry
Eager Lips (1927)
The Girl From Gay Paree (1927)
Mademoiselle Fanchon
A Million Bid (1927)
Mrs. Gordon
Percy (1925)
Speed (1925)
Mary Whipple
She (1925)
The Recoil (1924)
Norma Selbee
The Spitfire (1924)
Jean Bronson
The Breath of Scandal (1924)
Sybil Russell
In Hollywood With Potash and Perlmutter (1924)
Rita Sismondi
The Folly of Vanity (1924)
Mrs. Ridgeway
The Truth About Wives (1923)
Helen Frazer
Sinner or Saint (1923)
Mademoiselle Iris
The Darling of the Rich (1923)
Charmion Winship
How Women Love (1922)
Rosa Roma
Fair Lady (1922)
Countess Margherita
His Wife's Husband (1922)
Olympia Brewster
The Truant Husband (1921)
Vera Delauney
Just Outside the Door (1921)
Gloria Wheaton
The Queen of Sheba (1921)
The Queen of Sheba
Mother o' Mine (1921)
Fan Baxter
Charge It (1921)
Mille Garreth
Occasionally Yours (1920)
Bunny Winston
The Third Generation (1920)
Helen Van Dusen
The Silver Horde (1920)
Mildred Wayland
Burnt Wings (1920)
Nomads of the North (1920)
Nanette Roland
The Undercurrent (1919)
Beauty-Proof (1919)
Carol Thorpe
Silent Strength (1919)
Ruth Madison
Fighting Destiny (1919)
Caryl Rundlege
Beating the Odds (1919)
Hebe Norse
The Man Who Won (1919)
Barbara Le Moyne
Dust of Desire (1919)
Corrinne Torrence
A Mother's Sin (1918)
Lady Fitzpatrick
Over the Top (1918)
Madame Arnot
The Little Runaway (1918)
Eileen Murtagh
The Business of Life (1918)
Elena Clydesdale
A Game with Fate (1918)
Elaine Huntington
The King of Diamonds (1918)
Lucille Bennett
Tangled Lives (1918)
Hilda Howland
The Green God (1918)
Muriel Temple
Hoarded Assets (1918)
Claire Dawson
All Man (1918)
Belle Foliot
Miss Ambition (1918)
Edith Webster
His Own People (1917)
Lady Mary Thorne

Cast (Short)

"What Do You Think?" (Number Two) (1938)
Life in Sometown, U.S.A. (1938)

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Hollywood Story - Behind-the-Scenes Photos
Hollywood Story - Behind-the-Scenes Photos