J. Barney Sherry




Cast (Feature Film)

Jazz Heaven (1929)
John Parker
Broadway Scandals (1929)
Le Maire
The Voice Within (1929)
The Wright Idea (1928)
O. J. Gude
Alex the Great (1928)
Spider Webs (1927)
Chester Sanfrew
The Crimson Flash (1927)
The Prince of Tempters (1926)
Papal secretary
The Brown Derby (1926)
Captain Shay
Broken Homes (1926)
Casey of the Coast Guard (1926)
Lying Wives (1925)
Alvin Chase
The Crackerjack (1925)
Colonel Perkins
Enemies of Youth (1925)
A Little Girl in a Big City (1925)
Howard Young
The Live Wire (1925)
Henry Langdon
Daughters Who Pay (1925)
Foster, Sr.
Play Ball (1925)
The Warrens of Virginia (1924)
General Lee
Born Rich (1924)
Maj. Romayne Murphy
Lend Me Your Husband (1924)
Burrows Stackton
Miami (1924)
David Forbes
Galloping Hoofs (1924)
Jacqueline, or Blazing Barriers (1923)
His father
The White Sister (1923)
Monsignor Saracinesca
A Woman's Woman (1922)
Senator James Gleason
John Smith (1922)
Martin Lang
The Secrets of Paris (1922)
Notoriety (1922)
Horace Wedderburn
What Fools Men Are (1922)
Horace Demarest
The Lotus Eater (1922)
John Carson
When the Desert Calls (1922)
Lieutenant Colonel Potter
The Inner Man (1922)
Thurlow Michael Barclay, Sr.
Shadows of the Sea (1922)
Dr. Jordan
Back Pay (1922)
Charles G. Wheeler
The Broken Silence (1922)
Inspector Brandt
Till We Meet Again (1922)
Arthur Montrose
Sure Fire Flint (1922)
The Proud Father
Island Wives (1922)
Yacht captain
Man--Woman--Marriage (1921)
Thunderclap (1921)
Lionel Jamieson
Burn 'Em Up Barnes (1921)
Whitney Barnes
Just Outside the Door (1921)
Edward Burleigh
The Forged Bride (1920)
Clark Farrell
The Phantom Melody (1920)
Sir James Drake
Occasionally Yours (1920)
John Woodward
Go and Get It (1920)
"Shut the Door" Gordon
Dinty (1920)
Judge Whitely
The River's End (1920)
Darling Mine (1920)
Gordon Davis
The Barbarian (1920)
James Heatherton
The Breath of the Gods (1920)
Senator Todd
The Black Gate (1919)
The Master Man (1919)
Lieutenant Governor
The Tiger Lily (1919)
Philip Remington
Restless Souls (1919)
Dr. Robert Calvert
A Gun Fightin' Gentleman (1919)
John Merritt
A Little Brother of the Rich (1919)
Henry Leamington
The Mayor of Filbert (1919)
Dr. Loring
This Hero Stuff (1919)
Jackson J. Joseph
The Forbidden Room (1919)
Mason Clark
A Man's Fight (1919)
David Carr
Extravagance (1919)
Hartley Crance
Yvonne from Paris (1919)
David Marston
Mary Regan (1919)
Morton, Sr.
The Lion Man (1919)
Secret Code (1918)
Senator John Calhoun Rand
The Argument (1918)
John Corbin
High Stakes (1918)
Ralph Stanning
Who Killed Walton? (1918)
George Hamilton
The Reckoning Day (1918)
Senator Wheeler
Real Folks (1918)
Pat Dugan
Her Decision (1918)
Martin Rankin
A Soul in Trust (1918)
Senator Franklin
The Hard Rock Breed (1918)
Bill Naughton
Blood Will Tell (1917)
Doctor Galbraith
The Weaker Sex (1917)
Edward Tilden
The Snarl (1917)
The Stainless Barrier (1917)
Wilbur Gray
Madcap Madge (1917)
Earl of Larsdale
Flying Colors (1917)
Craig Lansing
The Gown of Destiny (1917)
Mr. Reyton
Back of the Man (1917)
President Brooks
Fanatics (1917)
Nicholas Eyre
A Strange Transgressor (1917)
John Hampton
Ten of Diamonds (1917)
Ellis Hopper
The Fuel of Life (1917)
Bragdon Brant
The Millionaire Vagrant (1917)
Malcolm Blackridge
The Iced Bullet (1917)
Richard Deering
Love or Justice (1917)
Winthrop E. Haines
Borrowed Plumage (1917)
Earl of Selkirk
Civilization (1916)
The Blacksmith
Civilization's Child (1916)
Judge Sims
The Phantom (1916)
James Bereton
The Raiders (1916)
Dr. Hartman
The Stepping Stone (1916)
Horatio Wells
The Beckoning Flame (1916)
Bullets and Brown Eyes (1916)
The King
The Conqueror (1916)
Wayne Madison
The Green Swamp (1916)
Dr. Jim Hendon
Between Men (1916)
Ashley Hampdon
The Cup of Life (1915)
James Kellerman
Aloha Oe (1915)
The Golden Claw (1915)
The Devil (1915)
Alfred Zanden
Rumpelstiltskin (1915)
Jim Crow
The Bargain (1914)
Phil Brent
Custer's Last Fight (1913)
The Ten of Spades; or, A Western Raffle (1910)
Saved from the Redmen (1910)
Perils of the Plains (1910)
Lost for Many Years (1910)
The Luck of Roaring Camp (1910)
A Romance of the Prairie (1910)
The Sea Wolves (1910)
Mexican's Ward (1910)
The Man from Texas (1910)
Her Terrible Peril (1910)
Mexican's Crime (1909)
The Paymaster (1909)
Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (1905)

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