Margaret Seddon




Cast (Feature Film)

Three Desperate Men (1951)
Mrs. [Ma] Denton
House by the River (1950)
Mrs. Whittaker
I Dood It (1943)
Pixie woman
The Meanest Man in the World (1943)
Mrs. Frances H. Leggitt
Honeymoon Lodge (1943)
Elderly woman
Sherlock Holmes in Washington (1943)
Miss Pringle
Roxie Hart (1942)
Mrs. Wadsworth
Take a Letter, Darling (1942)
Aunt Judy
Scattergood Survives a Murder (1942)
Cynthia Quentin
The Wife Takes a Flyer (1942)
The Remarkable Andrew (1942)
Mrs. Kelly
Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (1941)
Mrs. Bartlett
Strike Up the Band (1940)
Old lady
Friendly Neighbors (1940)
Martha Williams
Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (1940)
Mrs. Cray
Raffles (1939)
Maud Holden
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
Older sister
Having Wonderful Time (1938)
Mrs. "G"
The Road Back (1937)
Danger - Love at Work (1937)
Aunt Pitty
A Woman Rebels (1936)
Aunt Serena
Let's Make a Million (1936)
Aunt Martha [Gentry]
College Holiday (1936)
Mrs. Schloggenheimer
The Big Game (1936)
Mrs. Jenkins
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
Jane Faulkner
David Copperfield (1935)
The Girl Friend (1935)
Grandma [Henry]
The Flame Within (1935)
Mrs. Grenfell
Two Sinners (1935)
Mrs. Summerstone
It's in the Air (1935)
Mrs. Martha
Shock (1934)
Lilly Turner (1933)
Mrs. Turner
Broadway Bad (1933)
Walls of Gold (1933)
Mrs. Satterlee
Midshipman Jack (1933)
Mrs. Burns
The Return of Casey Jones (1933)
Mrs. Martin
The Worst Woman in Paris? (1933)
Mrs. Strong
Bachelor Mother (1933)
Cynthia Wilson
Heroes for Sale (1933)
Ella Holmes
Smilin' Through (1932)
If I Had a Million (1932)
Mrs. Small
Dancing Sweeties (1930)
Mrs. Cleaver
Divorce Among Friends (1930)
The Dude Wrangler (1930)
Aunt Mary
Bellamy Trial (1929)
Mother Ives
She Goes to War (1929)
Tom's mother
After the Fog (1929)
Letitia Barker
Dance Hall (1929)
Mrs. Flynn
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1928)
Lorelei's mother
The Actress (1928)
Miss Trafalgar Gower
Driven From Home (1927)
White Pants Willie (1927)
Winifred Barnes
Quality Street (1927)
Nancy Willoughby
Silk Legs (1927)
Mrs. Fulton
Home Made (1927)
Mrs. White
Matinee Ladies (1927)
Mrs. Smith
The Golden Cocoon (1926)
Mrs. Shannon
Blarney (1926)
Peggy's aunt
Rolling Home (1926)
Mrs. Alden
A Regular Scout (1926)
Mrs. Monroe
Wild Oats Lane (1926)
The Mother
Proud Flesh (1925)
Mrs. O'Malley
A Broadway Butterfly (1925)
Mrs. Steel
Wages for Wives (1925)
Annie Bailey
On the Threshold (1925)
Martha McKay
New Lives for Old (1925)
Widow Turrene
The Midshipman (1925)
Mrs. Randall
The Lady (1925)
Mrs. Cairns
The Confidence Man (1924)
Mrs. X
Women Who Give (1924)
Ma Keeler
The Snob (1924)
Mrs. Curry
The Human Terror (1924)
Through the Dark (1924)
Mother McGinn
A Lady of Quality (1924)
Lady Daphne Wildairs
The Night Message (1924)
Mrs. Longstreet
The Gold Diggers (1923)
Mrs. La Mar
Brass (1923)
Mrs. Baldwin
Little Church Around the Corner (1923)
Mrs. Graham
Little Johnny Jones (1923)
Mrs. Jones
The Bright Shawl (1923)
Carmenita Escobar, his wife
The Man Who Played God (1922)
An old woman
Women Men Marry (1922)
Hetty Page
Sonny (1922)
Mrs. Crosby
The Lights of New York (1922)
Mrs. Reid
Boomerang Bill (1922)
Annie's mother
Timothy's Quest (1922)
Samantha Ann Ripley
The Inside of the Cup (1921)
Mrs. Garvin
The Case of Becky (1921)
Mrs. Emerson
Just Around the Corner (1921)
Ma Birdsong
The Highest Law (1921)
Mrs. Goodwin
A Man's Home (1921)
Amanda Green
The Man Worth While (1921)
Mrs. Wardrobe
School Days (1921)
His Teacher
Wings of Pride (1920)
Mrs. Prentice
The Miracle of Money (1920)
Patricia Hodges
The Unveiling Hand (1919)
Mrs. Bellamy
The Land of Promise (1917)
Miss Pringle
Miss Robinson Crusoe (1917)
Aunt Eloise
The Girl Without a Soul (1917)
Henrietta Hateman
The Old Homestead (1915)
Rickety Ann
The Dawn of a Tomorrow (1915)

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