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Hoodlum, The (1951) -- (Movie Clip) Once You Pass This Door The warden (Gene Roth) is the only parole board member not swayed by the pleas of Mama (Lisa Golm), so sure enough he has to release Vincent (Lawrence Tierney), whose own brother (Lawrence's younger brother Edward) also isn't on board, early in the Eagle-Lion quickie The Hoodlum, 1951.
Hoodlum, The (1951) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Get Too Ambitious First work day for paroled bank robber Lawrence Tierney, Vincent, the title character, at the gas station owned by his skeptical brother (Lawrence's brother Edward), visited by cop Burdick (Stuart Randall), tempted by Rosa (Allene Roberts) who works across the street, at the bank, in The Hoodlum, 1951.
Hollywood Barn Dance (1947) -- (Movie Clip) You Hit The Nail Right On The Head Headed west after screwing up in their Texas home town, Ernest Tubb and his band pay a call at a restaurant, future manager Carty (Earl Hodgins) taking note, tune by Tubb and Zeb Turner, in Hollywood Barn Dance, 1947.
Hollywood Barn Dance (1947) -- (Movie Clip) You Were Only Teasing Me Finally getting proper gigs, Ernest Tubb and the band with a song by Tubb and T. Texas Tyler, booking agent Pete (Larry Reid) and their shiftless manager Carty (Earl Hodgins) dealing in the wings, in Hollywood Barn Dance, 1947.
Federal Man -- (Movie Clip) Tony Solano Narration describes law enforcement plans setting up the big elevator scene featuring Carlo Schipa as the crook "Tony Solano," who meets his end in the Eagle-Lion programmer Federal Man, 1950.
Federal Man -- (Movie Clip) Pretty Little Head The chief agent (Robert Shayne) checks in with Special Agent Sherrin (William Henry) who heads to Mexico to meet Lolita (Movita Castaneda) who knew the deceased, in Federal Man, 1950.
Federal Man -- (Movie Clip) Open, Taxpayers Opening credits and it's worth noting, the hero (William Edwards) does not die, after cuddling with his worried wife (Pamela Blake) in the Eagle-Lion production Federal Man, 1950.