Bernard C. Schoenfeld


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Caged (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Presents For My Girls Fellow inmate Ann (Lynn Sherman) introduces new girl Marie (Eleanor Parker) to the all-kinds-of-scary matron Harper (Hope Emerson), in John Cromwell's prison drama Caged, 1950.
Phantom Lady (1944) -- (Movie Clip) I Slept Like A Guilty Man First scene together for New York engineer Henderson (Alan Curtis) and devoted secretary Carol “Kansas” (Ella Raines), after he’s been convicted of murdering his wife, which we know he didn’t do, Robert Siodmak directing from a Cornell Woolrich novel, in Phantom Lady, 1944.
Phantom Lady (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Too Spoiled And Too Beautiful We learn here that Alan Curtis is professional engineer Henderson, returning home after a date with a mystery woman, with whom he shared a Broadway ticket after his wife stood him up, greeted by cops Regis Toomey, Joseph Crehan, and Thomas Gomez as Burgess, early in Robert Siodmak’s Phantom Lady, 1944.
Phantom Lady (1944) -- (Movie Clip) It Would Be Fun To Laugh Nobody gets a name here, the actors are Alan Curtis, Fay Helm, and Andrew Tombes as the bartender, Robert Siodmak directing, from the first novel by writer Cornell Woolrich written under his “William Irish” pseudonym, in Phantom Lady, 1944, also starring Ella Raines and Franchot Tone.
Phantom Lady (1944) -- (Movie Clip) You Sure Know How To Beat It Out Incredible scene from director Robert Siodmak and cinematographer Woody Bredell, heretofore reserved Carol (Ella Raines) now vamped up to get at jazz drummer Cliff (Elisha Cook Jr.), who’s known to be hiding evidence that could have cleared her boss, who’s been convicted of murder, best-known men in the band are Barney Bigard on clarinet and Freddie Slack on piano, in Phantom Lady, 1944.
Phantom Lady (1944) -- (Movie Clip) A Pair Of Hands Carol (Ella Raines), hoping to get her bosses’ murder conviction reversed, flees the rooms of drummer Cliff (Elisha Cook Jr.), after he realized she was seducing him to get information, so as she calls her cop friend, we meet top-billed Franchot Tone, nearly 50 minutes into the picture, who seems to be the guy who paid him to lie, in Phantom Lady, 1944.
There's Always Tomorrow (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Female Ponce De Leon Introducing the family of Cliff (Fred MacMurray), who runs his own toy company, the kids (Gigi Perreau, William Reynolds, Judy Nugent), Jane Darwell the maid, Joan Bennett his wife, early in There's Always Tomorrow, 1956, directed by Douglas Sirk, also starring Barbara Stanwyck.
There's Always Tomorrow (1956) -- (Movie Clip) My Wife Picked It At "Palm Valley" outside LA, faithful husband and executive Cliff (Fred MacMurray), whose wife had to skip the trip, awaits his business meeting when who should appear but old flame Norma (Barbara Stanwyck), who had visited earlier that week, in Douglas Sirk's There's Always Tomorrow, 1956.
There's Always Tomorrow (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Skip The Second Act Having been left emphatically home alone by the wife and kids, and stuck with theater tickets, toy company proprietor Cliff (Fred MacMurray) is surprised by a knock at the door, first scene for Barbara Stanwyck, in director Douglas Sirk's 1956 version of There's Always Tomorrow.