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Night Train To Munich (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Only Love Can Lead The Way In his first scene, Rex Harrison poses as singer Gus, practicing tradecraft as he initially rebuffs Czech refugee Anna (Margaret Lockwood), who got mysterious instructions to come to coastal Brightbourne (modeled on Brighton), in search of her exiled scientist father, not aware the Nazis are watching her (!), in Carol Reed’s Night Train To Munich, 1940.
Night Train To Munich (1940) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Suffering From An Eye Strain Substantial plot twist, to infuriate any viewer who was liking Paul Henreid as Karl Marsen, Czech concentration camp escapee who, now in London, reveals himself to be a Nazi mole, visiting an opthalmologist (Felix Aylmer) who, after a clever bit with an eye chart, does exposition, in Night Train To Munich, 1940, from director Carol Reed and producer Alexander Korda.
Night Train To Munich (1940) -- (Movie Clip) We Shall Be Invaded After a prologue on various Nazi invasions of 1939, with Hitler in newsreels, then indirectly portrayed, we meet James Harcourt as Czech scientist Bomasch, with chiefs of his military industry employer, who winds up calling his daughter, top-billed Margaret Lockwood, in Alexander Korda and Carol Reed’s Night Train To Munich, 1940.
Night Train To Munich (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Nature Endowed Me With A Gift Rex Harrison, whom we now know to be a British intelligence man posing as a seaside singer, intercepts a letter sent by Anna (Margaret Lockwood), testy daughter of the Czech fugitive scientist he’s minding, which we also know was addressed to a Nazi agent who’s got people watching her Carol Reed’s Night Train To Munich, 1940.
We Dive at Dawn -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Prologue Opening credits and thank-you's to the Admiralty for the British submarine drama We Dive at Dawn, 1943, directed by Anthony Asquith, starring John Mills and Eric Portman.
We Dive at Dawn -- (Movie Clip) Brandenburg Crisp and absorbing technical drama as Captain Taylor (John Mills) leads his British submarine crew tracking a German Brandenburg battleship in director Anthony Asquith's We Dive at Dawn, 1943.