Jason Robards Jr.

Jason Robards Jr.


Jason Robards built quite a career for himself as an Academy Award-winning actor. In his early acting career, Robards appeared in such films as the Lana Turner dramatic adaptation "By Love Possessed" (1961), the Katharine Hepburn dramatic adaptation "Long Day's Journey Into Night" (1962) and "Tender Is the Night" (1962). He also appeared in "Act One" (1963). Robards was nominated for...


Jason Robards built quite a career for himself as an Academy Award-winning actor. In his early acting career, Robards appeared in such films as the Lana Turner dramatic adaptation "By Love Possessed" (1961), the Katharine Hepburn dramatic adaptation "Long Day's Journey Into Night" (1962) and "Tender Is the Night" (1962). He also appeared in "Act One" (1963). Robards was nominated for a Supporting Actor BAFTA Award for "All the President's Men" in 1976 as well as for a Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture Golden Globe Award for "All the President's Men" in 1976. Robards won a Best Actor National Board of Review Award for "Long Day's Journey Into Night" in 1962 as well as a Best Actor National Board of Review Award for "Tender Is the Night" in 1962. His film career continued throughout the eighties in productions like "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" (1981) with Klinton Spilsbury, the Werner Herzog documentary "Burden of Dreams" (1983) and "Max Dugan Returns" (1983). He also appeared in "Something Wicked This Way Comes" (1983). Film continued to be his passion as he played roles in the James Spader mystery thriller "Storyville" (1992), the dramatic adventure "The Adventures of Huck Finn" (1993) with Elijah Wood and "The Trial" (1993) with Kyle MacLachlan. He also appeared in "Philadelphia" (1993) with Tom Hanks and the Michael Keaton dramatic comedy "The Paper" (1994). Most recently, Robards appeared on "Eugene O'Neill: A Documentary Film" (PBS, 2005-06).



Cast (Feature Film)

The Real Macaw (2000)
Grandpa Ben Girdis
Going Home (2000)
Charles Barton
Magnolia (1999)
Beloved (1998)
A Thousand Acres (1997)
The Line King: The Al Hirschfeld Story (1996)
My Antonia (1995)
Journey (1995)
Enemy Within (1994)
Little Big League (1994)
The Paper (1994)
Philadelphia (1993)
Charles Wheeler
The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993)
The Trial (1993)
Dr Huld
Pillar Of Fire (1992)
Storyville (1992)
Chernobyl: The Final Warning (1991)
Dr Armand Hammer
The Perfect Tribute (1991)
Abraham Lincoln
Quick Change (1990)
Parenthood (1989)
Reunion (1989)
Black Rainbow (1989)
Dream a Little Dream (1989)
Coleman Ettinger
Inherit The Wind (1988)
The Christmas Wife (1988)
John Tanner
The Good Mother (1988)
Bright Lights, Big City (1988)
Norman Rockwell's Breaking Home Ties (1987)
Lloyd Welles
Square Dance (1987)
Laguna Heat (1987)
Johnny Bull (1986)
America and Lewis Hine (1984)
Voice Of Lewis Hine
The World of Tomorrow (1984)
1939 Ny World'S Fair Visitor
Sakharov (1984)
Andrei Sakharov
Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)
The Day After (1983)
Max Dugan Returns (1983)
Max Dugan
Burden of Dreams (1982)
Caboblanco (1981)
The Legend Of The Lone Ranger (1981)
F.D.R. -- The Last Year (1980)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Haywire (1980)
Raise the Titanic (1980)
Melvin and Howard (1980)
Hurricane (1979)
Comes A Horseman (1978)
A Christmas to Remember (1978)
Daniel Larson
Julia (1977)
Dashiell Hammett
All The President's Men (1976)
Mr. Sycamore (1974)
John Gwilt
A Boy and His Dog (1974)
Mr Craddock
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973)
Johnny Got His Gun (1971)
Joe's father
Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971)
Cesar Charron
The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)
Cable Hogue
Fools (1970)
Matthew South
Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)
Gen. Walter C. Short
Julius Caesar (1970)
Once Upon a Time in the West (1969)
The Night They Raided Minsky's (1968)
Raymond Paine
Isadora (1968)
Paris Singer
Hour of the Gun (1967)
Doc Holliday
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967)
Al Capone
Divorce American Style (1967)
Nelson Downes
Any Wednesday (1966)
John Cleves
A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966)
Henry Drummond
A Thousand Clowns (1965)
Murray Burns
Act One (1963)
George S. Kaufman
Tender Is the Night (1962)
Dick Diver
Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962)
Jamie Tyrone
By Love Possessed (1961)
Julius Penrose
The Journey (1959)
Paul Kedes [also known as Henry Flemming]

Misc. Crew (Feature Film)

The Line King: The Al Hirschfeld Story (1996)
Burden of Dreams (1982)

Cast (Special)

Money & Power: The History of Business (2001)
They Drew Fire (2000)
The 53rd Annual Tony Awards (1999)
The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (1999)
U.S.S. Indianapolis: Tragedy at Sea (1998)
Truman (1997)
The Roots of Roe (1997)
TR, The Story of Theodore Roosevelt (1996)
When Doctors Get Cancer (1994)
Sam Peckinpah: Man of Iron (1993)
All Aboard! Riding the Rails of American Film (1993)
The People's Palace: Secrets of the New York Public Library (1992)
Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio (1992)
Lincoln (1992)
When It Was a Game II (1992)
Tall Ship: High Sea Adventure (1992)
When It Was a Game (1991)
Helen Hayes: First Lady of the American Theatre (1991)
Pearl Harbor (1991)
World War II: A Personal Journey (1991)
Carnegie Hall at 100: A Place of Dreams (1991)
Night of 100 Stars III (1990)
Joseph Brodsky: A Maddening Space (1990)
Thomas Hart Benton (1989)
The 42nd Annual Tony Awards (1988)
The Making of Gorillas in the Mist (1988)
Happy Birthday, Hollywood! (1987)
The Unknown Soldier (1985)
Hughie (1984)
Polar Bear Alert (1982)
The Magic of David Copperfield (1981)
Addie and the King of Hearts (1976)
The Easter Promise (1975)
The Thanksgiving Treasure (1973)
James Mills
The House Without A Christmas Tree (1972)
The Belle of 14th Street (1967)
Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1964)
Abraham Lincoln
The Patriots (1963)
The Bat (1960)
Lieutenant Anderson
A Doll's House (1959)
Dr Rank

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Heartwood (1998)
Heidi (1993)
An Inconvenient Woman (1991)
Mark Twain & Me (1991)
The Last Frontier (1986)
Editor Stenning
The Long Hot Summer (1985)
Will Varner
The Atlanta Child Murders (1985)
Washington: Behind Closed Doors (1977)

Life Events


Served as a radioman with the US Navy; stationed at Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack that precipitated American involvement in WWII


Broadway debut in "The Mikado"


Stage acting debut in "Out of the Frying Pan", Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


Served as assistant stage manager at NYC's 48th Street Theatre


Appeared in Broadway production of "Stalag 17" at 48th Street Theatre


Was assistant stage managr at NYC's Playhouse Theatre


Performed in acclaimed Circle in the Square production of Eugene O'Neill's "The Iceman Cometh", directed by Jose Quintero, in which the audience was so close a patron once reached over and touched Robards' cheek; his OBIE-winning protrayal of Hickey revitalized his career, and the success of the production convinced the playwright's widow Carlotta to allow Quintero to stage "Long Day's Journey Into Night"


Played Jamie Tyrone in the original Broadway production of O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey Into Night"


Performed together onstage with his father for almost a year in Budd Schulberg's "The Disenchanted", which earned him his only Tony (Best Actor in a Drama) to date for his role as Manley Halliday (a thinly disguised F Scott Fitzgerald)


Acted the part of Dr. Rank in an NBC "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation of Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House"; Julie Harris portrayed Nora and Christopher Plummer was Torvald


Film acting debut as a Hungarian freedom fighter in Anatole Litvak's "The Journey"


Starred as "Macbeth" in a Quintero-directed production in Cambridge, Massachusettes


Acted on Broadway in Lillian Hellman's "Toys in the Atttic", garnering a Tony nomination


Starred as Murray Burns in Broadway production of "A Thousand Clowns"


Reprised his role as Jamie Tyrone in Sidney Lumet's film version of "Long Day's Journey Into Night" and starred opposite Jennifer Jones in "Tender Is the Night", based on F Scott Fitzgerald's novel


Essayed the role of playwright George S. Kaufman in "Act One", a film adaptation of Moss Hart's autobiography


First played Abraham Lincoln in a TV adaptation of Robert Sherwood's play "Abe Lincoln in Illinois"; received first Emmy nomination


Reprised Murray Burns character and received top billing in a feature film for the first time in "A Thousand Clowns"


Acted on Broadway in Joseph Heller's "We Bombed in New Haven", which bombed in New York


Received credit as song performer in Sam Peckinpah's "The Ballad of Cable Hogue", singing "Butterfly Mornin's"; also starred in title role


Played role of James Mills in "The House Without a Christmas Tree", the first of four CBS nearly annual TV-movies exploring the lives of a Nebraska family in the 1940s


Was in a car crash on a California highway in the mountains; had no heartbeat when he arrived at the nearest hospital


Played James Tyrone Jr opposite Colleen Dewhurst's Josie Hogan in Broadway production of O'Neill's "A Moon for the Misbegotten" (directed by Quintero), stopped drinking for good during its run (a process which he had begun soon after his near-death in the wreck), though he admitted to <i>The New York Times</i> (February 9, 1994): "Of course, every once in a while I'll take a glass of wine"


Reteamed with Peckinpah for "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid", playing Governor Lew Wallace (the author of "Ben Hur")


Earned second Emmy nomination for the "ABC Theatre" presentation of "A Moon for the Misbegotten"


Acted a second time in "Long Day's Journey Into Night", this time in the role of the father, James Tyrone, in a production staged first at Washington DC's Eisenhower Theatre and the following year at the Brooklyn Academy of Music; also directed production


Earned first Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of <i>Washington Post</i> editor Ben Bradlee in "All the President's Men"


Made last of four TV-movies about the Mills family, "Addie and the King of Hearts"


First TV miniseries, "Washington: Behind Closed Doors" (ABC), earned another Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Richard Monckton (a thinly-disguised Richard Nixon)


Snagged second Best Supporting Actor Oscar as Dashiell Hammett in "Julia", based on Hellman's memoir "Pentimento"


Acted in Broadway production of O'Neill's "A Touch of the Poet", directed by Quintero


Oscar-nominated for his supporting turn as reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes in "Melvin and Howard"; first collaboration with director Jonathan Demme


Received an Emmy nomination for his title portrayal in NBC's "F.D.R -- The Final Years"; also garnered praise as agent and producer Leland Hayward in CBS' "Haywire"


Portrayed Grandpa Martin Vanderhof in Broadway revival of "You Can't Take It with You"; acted with Dewhurst during course of its run


Played an American doctor fighting to survive in the aftermath of nuclear war in ABC's "The Day After"


Starred in the title role of "Max Dugan Returns", scripted by Neil Simon


Acclaimed for his portrayal of Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov in HBO's "Sakharov"


Reprised his role as Hickey in Broadway production of "The Iceman Cometh", directed by Quintero


Acted a third time (again as the senior Tyrone) in stage production of "Long Day's Journey Into Night", this time a Broadway revival directed by Quintero; done in repertory with O'Neill's lone comedy, "Ah, Wilderness!", in which he played Nat Miller; acted with Dewhurst and her son Campbell Scott in both productions


Copped an Emmy as Henry Drummond in the NBC presentation of "Inherit the Wind"


Only movie to date with son Sam, "Bright Lights, Big City"


First collaboration with director Ron Howard, playing the father of grown children (Steve Martin, Dianne Wiest, Harley Kozak and Tom Hulce) in "Parenthood"


Provided the voice of Ulysses S. Grant in Ken Burns' acclaimed PBS documentary "The Civil War"; had previously played Grant in the little-seen "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" (1981)


Again played Abraham Lincoln in the ABC TV-movie "The Perfect Tribute"


Hosted and narrated the 13-part PBS documentary series "On the Waterways"


Portrayed Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) in "Mark Twain & Me" (The Disney Channel), a TV-movie based on the author's friendship with 11-year-old Dorothy Quick, as chronicled in her autobiographical account, "Enchantment"


Played cold-hearted head of a law firm that dismisses a young colleague (Tom Hanks) with AIDS in Demme's "Philadelphia"


Portrayed the grandfather in The Disney Channel miniseries remake of "Heidi"


Reteamed with Ron Howard for "The Paper"


Starred on Broadway with Christopher Plummer as two elderly British poets in revival of Harold Pinter's "No Man's Land"


Acted in Pinter's "Moonlight" at NYC's Roundabout Theater's new Laura Pels Theater in NYC


Last stage role to date in Brial Friel's "Molly Sweeney" with Alfred Molina (also for the Roundabout)


Played the Lear-like patriarch in "A Thousand Acres"


Played Mr. Bodwin in Demme's "Beloved", starring Oprah Winfrey


Portrayed the dying patriarch Earl Partridge in Paul Thomas Anderson's "Magnolia"


Starred opposite Sherry Stringfield as an elderly father who can no longer take care of himself in the CBS movie "Going Home"

Photo Collections

A Big Hand for the Little Lady - Movie Poster
Here is an original American movie poster for A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966), starring Henry Fonda, Joanne Woodward, and Jason Robards, Jr.
Julia - Movie Poster
Here is the American one-sheet movie poster for Julia (1977), starring Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave. One-sheets measured 27x41 inches, and were the poster style most commonly used in theaters.


Movie Clip

Philadelphia (1993) -- (Movie Clip) They Panicked Attorney Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) delivers his opening argument to the jury for his AIDS patient client Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), in his lawsuit against his employers in Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia, 1993.
Philadelphia (1993) -- (Movie Clip) Charles Wants To See You Working late at the law office, Andy (Tom Hanks) summoned by colleague Bob (Ron Vawter) to see Wheeler (Jason Robards), head of the firm, Robert Ridgely and Charles Glenn as partners Walter and Kenneth, and being assigned a career-making case, early in Jonathan Demme’s Philadelphia, 1993.
All The President's Men (1976) -- (Movie Clip) You Haven't Got It Discussed but not seen until now, Jason Robards Jr. in his Academy Award-winning role as Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, shoots down the first story he’s seen by Woodward and Bernstein (Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman), Jack Warden as overruled Rosenfeld, in Alan J. Pakula’s All The President’s Men, 1976.
Journey, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) I Even Mystify Myself Yul Brynner as clever Russian commander Surov isn’t buying the cover story from Lady Ashmore (Deborah Kerr) that Jason Robards Jr. is Britisher Flemyng, who’s just feeling ill, and not her former lover, a Hungarian dissident shot in an escape attempt, trying to get out of the country during the 1956 uprising, in The Journey, 1959.
Journey, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Russian Clocks Sometimes Very Slow After credits establishing Budapest, during the 1956 Hungarian uprising, Robert Morley the English correspondent stranded in an airport, with fellows David Kossoff, Gèrard Oury and E.G. Marshall, Russian-born Anatole Litvak producing and directing, in The Journey, 1959, starring Deborah Kerr, Yul Brynner and Jason Robards Jr.
Journey, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Wanna Play War? Excepting one earlier shot, the feature debut of Jason Robards Jr., his character’s identity not quite revealed, except that he’s traveling with English aristocrat Deborah Kerr, who’s recognized by journalist Deverill (Robert Morley), then meeting American E.G. Marshall and family (sons Flip Mark and “Ronny” Howard, wife Anne Jackson), all stranded at the Budapest airport during the 1956 Hungarian uprising, in Anatole Litvak’s The Journey, 1959.
Journey, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) We'd Better Speak English Robert Morley is the English journalist leading a group of foreigners escaping Hungary by bus during the 1956 uprising, Yul Brynner the just-introduced Russian district commander, Anne Jackson and E.G. Marshall an American couple (Ron Howard one of their sons!), Deborah Kerr as Lady Ashmore, traveling officially alone, in The Journey, 1959.
Big Hand For The Little Lady, A -- (Movie Clip) It Must Be A Good Hand! Mary (Joanne Woodward), trying to play her husband's hand, with gamblers (Kevin McCarthy, Jason Robards Jr., Charles Bickford, Robert Middleton) in tow, makes a pitch to banker Ballinger (Paul Ford) in A Big Hand For The Little Lady, 1966.
Big Hand For The Little Lady, A -- (Movie Clip) Homely As A Lemon Jason Robards Jr. (as "Drummond") returning after his card game to find wife (Virginia Gregg), daughter (Louise Glenn) and bridegroom (William Cort), in a tour-de-force scene from A Big Hand For The Little Lady, 1966.
Act One (1963) -- (Movie Clip) My Indigent Friends George Hamilton as future playwright Moss Hart meets his New York buddies, George Segal, David Doyle, Bert Convy as actor Archie Leach (who will become Cary Grant) and Jonathan Lippe (later Goldsmith, the “Most Interesting Man In The World,” from the beer commercials) as Teddy, in the bio-pic Act One, 1963.
Act One (1963) -- (Movie Clip) Inside The Devious MInd Aspiring playwright Moss Hart (George Hamilton) meets his future collaborator, the already established George S. Kaufman (Jason Robards Jr.) on the phone, not realizing he’s been set up by rival producer Stone, later meeting their mutual agent Siegel (Joseph Leon), in the bio-pic Act One, 1963.
Tender Is The Night (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Other Men To Do That In flashback, doctor Dick (Jason Robards Jr.) and psychiatric patient Nicole (Jennifer Jones) on their first outing in Zurich, from Henry King's version of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel Tender Is The Night, 1962.