Jean-louis Richard




Director (Feature Film)

Le Declic (1985)
Mata Hari, Agent H-21 (1967)

Cast (Feature Film)

J'ai faim!!! (2001)
Le Prof (2000)
Skin of Man, Heart of Beast (1999)
Lucie Aubrac (1997)
Post Coitum (1997)
Messieurs les enfants (1997)
Don't Forget You're Going to Die (1996)
Benoit'S Father
L'Appat (1995)
Restaurant Owner
Jeanne la Pucelle (1994)
Dead Tired (1994)
The Psychiatrist
Francois Truffaut: Stolen Portraits (1993)
L'Inconnu dans la Maison (1992)
Aout (1992)
La Sentinelle (1992)
Les Deux fragonards (1989)
Baron De Saint-Julien
Quelques jours avec moi (1988)
Dr Appert
Hotel de France (1987)
La Femme secrete (1986)
Swann in Love (1984)
Fort Saganne (1984)
Confidentially Yours (1983)
La Vie est un roman (1983)
The Last Metro (1980)
Je t'aime, je t'aime (1968)
Friend In Restaurant Car
The Soft Skin (1964)
Man in street
Jules and Jim (1962)
Breathless (1961)

Writer (Feature Film)

Post Coitum (1997)
L' Annee Juliette (1995)
Le Provincial (1990)
Le Declic (1985)
C'est dur pour tout le Monde (1975)
Le Male du Siecle (1975)
Emmanuelle (1974)
Day for Night (1973)
The Bride Wore Black (1968)
Mata Hari, Agent H-21 (1967)
Fahrenheit 451 (1966)
The Soft Skin (1964)
Original Screenplay

Misc. Crew (Feature Film)

Francois Truffaut: Stolen Portraits (1993)

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Les Miserables (2001)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Meet Pamela A famous Francois Truffaut opening, with Truffaut playing the director of the movie which is the basis for the story, Jean-Pierre Aumont and Jean-Pierre Lead his male leads, playing father and son, young Nathalie Baye and Dani on the crew, Jean Champion the producer, in Day For Night, 1973.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) She Must Be Fine Now Nathalie Baye and Dani as crew members Joelle and Odile, Walter Bal the cameraman, director Francois Truffaut playing director Ferrand, Jacqueline Bisset as actress Julie, dominating without appearing, Bernard Menez the prop man, and Jean-Pierre Leaud as actor Alphonse, in Day For Night, 1973.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) The Way I Do With Fellini Valentina Cortese, in an Academy Award-nominated performance as tipsy French actress Severine, struggles in her first scene with director Francois Truffaut, playing movie director Ferrand, Jean-Pierre Aumont as actor Alexandre, her one-time lover, playing her husband in Day For Night, 1973.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Why Can't The Secretary Be Pregnant? Francois Truffaut directs himself as director Ferrand, dealing with a casting crisis with his producer (Jean Bertrand), a contribution from composer Georges Delerue, a cavalcade of tributes to Truffaut’s idols and friends, and Jacqueline Bisset arriving as Julie, the star, in Day For Night, 1973.
Soft Skin, The (1964) -- (Movie Clip) On Balzac Francois Truffaut's opening with leading man Jean Desailly as literary editor Pierre, arriving in home in Paris, quick goodbyes to wife (Nelly Benedetti) and daughter (Sabine Haudepin) then just a glimpse of female lead Francoise Dorleac as stewardess Nicole, in The Soft Skin, 1964.
Soft Skin, The (1964) -- (Movie Clip) I Get Off Here Just finished giving his talk in Lisbon, editor Pierre (Jean Desailly) catches the hotel elevator with crew from his earlier flight, Gerard Poirot the co-pilot and Francoise Dorleac the stewardess Nicole, minimal dialogue in Francois Truffaut's The Soft Skin, 1964.
Fahrenheit 451 -- (Movie Clip) Our Family Theater Montag (Oskar Werner) arrives home and we discover that his wife Linda (Julie Christie) is in fact "very like" his new friend Clarisse (also Christie), in Francois Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451, 1966, from Ray Bradbury's famous novel.
Fahrenheit 451 -- (Movie Clip) Smell Of Kerosene Teacher Clarisse (Julie Christie) has just introduced herself to "fireman" Montag (Oskar Werner) on the monorail, leading to chat from Ray Bradbury's novel, in Francois Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451, 1966.