Frances Raymond




Cast (Feature Film)

Dimboola (1979)
Ladies' Man (1947)
Our Hearts Were Growing Up (1946)
Woman in elevator
You Came Along (1945)
Life with Henry (1941)
Elderly woman
West Point Widow (1941)
Old lady at beach
The Star Maker (1939)
Cafe Society (1939)
Wife of justice
The Awful Truth (1937)
Love in Bloom (1935)
Mother in music store
Coronado (1935)
Woman dealing cards
College Scandal (1935)
House mother
George White's Scandals (1934)
The Mighty Barnum (1934)
Matron in montage
Morning Glory (1933)
Illusion (1929)
Mrs. Y
The Gay Defender (1927)
Aunt Emily
Get Your Man (1927)
Mrs. Worthington
The Wreck (1927)
The Gay Old Bird (1927)
Stage Kisses (1927)
Mrs. Hampton
Three's a Crowd (1927)
Web of Fate (1927)
Mrs. Townsend
Wandering Girls (1927)
Mrs. Arnold
Rich Men's Sons (1927)
Mrs. Treadway
The Cruel Truth (1927)
Mrs. Copeley
Behind the Front (1926)
Mrs. Bartlett-Cooper
What Happened to Jones (1926)
Mrs. Bigbee
Satan in Sables (1925)
Scandal Proof (1925)
Mrs. Brandster
Seven Chances (1925)
Her mother
Abraham Lincoln (1924)
Scott's mother
Girls Men Forget (1924)
Mrs. Baldwin
The Girl on the Stairs (1924)
Agatha Sinclair
Flirting With Love (1924)
Mrs. Cameron
Excitement (1924)
Mrs. Lyons
The Meanest Man in the World (1923)
Mrs. Clarke
A Chapter in Her Life (1923)
Madge Everingham
Money Money Money (1923)
Mrs. Hobbs
The Grail (1923)
Mrs. Bledsoe
Young America (1922)
Mrs. Blount
Shadows (1922)
Emsy Nickerson
Hurricane's Gal (1922)
Mrs. Fairfield
The Ghost Breaker (1922)
Aunt Mary Jarvis
The March Hare (1921)
Mrs. Rollins
Two Weeks With Pay (1921)
Mrs. Wainsworth
One Wild Week (1921)
Mrs. Brewster
Garments of Truth (1921)
Mrs. Ballantine
One a Minute (1921)
Grandma Knight
The City of Masks (1920)
Madam Deborah
Miss Hobbs (1920)
Mrs. Kingsearl
A Lady in Love (1920)
Mrs. Sedgewick
Smoldering Embers (1920)
Edith Wyatt
The Forged Bride (1920)
A Light Woman (1920)
The Mother
Li Ting Lang (1920)
Priscilla Mayhew
The Best of Luck (1920)
The Countess of Strathcaird
Smiling All the Way (1920)
Aunt Ellen
The Midlanders (1920)
Mrs. Van Hart
Seeing It Through (1920)
Mrs. Allen
The Other Half (1919)
Mrs. Boone
Love Insurance (1919)
Mary Meyrick
The Best Man (1919)
Mrs. Hathaway
The Last of the Duanes (1919)
His mother
Skinner's Dress Suit (1917)
Mrs. Jackson
Fools for Luck (1917)
Sadie Goes to Heaven (1917)
Mrs. Welland Riche
The Man Who Was Afraid (1917)
Mrs. Clune
The Saint's Adventure (1917)
Mrs. Sewell Wright
Burning the Candle (1917)
Mrs. Carrington
The Misleading Lady (1916)
Mrs. Cannell
The Chaperon (1916)
Mrs. Hemingway

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