Herman Raucher


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Watermelon Man (1970)-- (Movie Clip) Take This Elevator To Harlem! In an early scene in whiteface, Gerber (Godfrey Cambridge) reveals his bigoted views to counterman Joe (Mantan Moreland) and the gang at work, in director Mario Van Peebles' Watermelon Man, 1970.
Watermelon Man (1970) -- (Movie Clip) No Wonder Negroes Riot! Having turned black, Gerber (Godfrey Cambridge) grabs a cab to the drug store to buy skin treatments, getting help from wife Althea (Estelle Parsons) in director Mario Van Peebles' Watermelon Man, 1970.
Watermelon Man (1970) -- (Movie Clip) How Now Brown Cow? As wife Althea (Estelle Parsons) bemoans their failing sex life, Jeff (Godfrey Cambridge, in white-face) demurs, then wakes up black, in Mario Van Peebles' Watermelon Man, 1970.
Watermelon Man (1970) -- (Movie Clip) Is This America? Encouraged by his boss, Gerber (Godfrey Cambridge) decides to confront his sudden-blackness head-on, making a date a discriminating club for lunch, in director Mario Van Peebles' Watermelon Man, 1970.
Class of '44 (1973) -- (Movie Clip) You Can Pick Your Own Branch After the opening credits, the graduation party, pals Hermie (Gary Grimes, based on the writer Herman Raucher) and Oscy (Jerry Houser), and the rarely-seen screen debut of John Candy as Paulie, in director Paul Bogart’s follow-up to Summer Of ’42, Class Of ’44, 1973.
Class of '44 (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Send Me A Samurai Sword In an un-specified outer-borough of New York, Hermie (Gary Grimes) and Oscy (Jerry Houser), working at a loading dock in the summer before college, receive pal Benjie (Oliver Conant), who surprised everybody by enlisting in the Marines, in Class Of ’44, writer Herman Raucher’s kind-of sequel to the hit Summer Of ’42, 1971.
Class of '44 (1973) -- (Movie Clip) An Expert On The Works Of Melville Shooting on location at Princeton, Freshman Hermie (Gary Grimes, loosely based on the screenwriter Herman Raucher) looks for work at the student newspaper, Jeffrey Cohen the editor, Susan Marcus his assistant, and Deborah Winters as Julie, who’ll become his love interest, in the less-popular follow-up to Summer Of ’42, 1971, Class Of ’44, 1973.
Ode To Billy Joe (1976) -- (Movie Clip) It Was A Good Book Early scenes with the Hartley family, in 1950’s Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, Glynnis O’Connor as Bobbie, with a book, her mother (Joan Hotchkis) and her father (Sandy McPeak), from director Max Baer’s box office hit based on Bobbie Gentry’s song, Ode To Billy Joe, 1976, also starring Robby Benson.
Ode To Billy Joe (1976) -- (Movie Clip) Your Dad's In Trouble With her dad (Sandy McPeak) left stuck on the bridge after an encounter with out of state hoodlums, Bobbie (Glynnis O’Connor) fetches brother James (Terence Goodman) with Billy Joe (Robby Benson) and Tom (Eddie Talr) from the sawmill for help, early in Ode To Billy Joe, 1976.
Summer of '42 -- (Movie Clip) I Can Go Further Hermie (Gary Grimes) lucks out, finding war-wife Dorothy (Jennifer O'Neill) needing an assist at the grocery, summering in a Long Island beach town, in director Robert Mulligan's Summer Of '42, 1971.
Summer of '42 -- (Movie Clip) When I Was Fifteen Much nostalgia with narration by director Robert Mulligan, introducing Hermie (Gary Grimes), Oscy (Jerry Houser), Benjie (Oliver Conant) and distant Dorothy (Jennifer O'Neill), in Summer Of '42, 1971.
Sweet November -- (Movie Clip) Everybody Cheats At the driver's license bureau in Lower Manhattan, English Charlie (Anthony Newley) is not charmed when nutty Sara (Sandy Dennis) fouls up his exam, opening Sweet November, 1968.