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Jobyna Ralston


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For Heaven's Sake (1926) -- (Movie Clip) Two Earthquakes And A Landslide Opening Harold Lloyd’s first feature made for Paramount, Paul Weigel as the city missionary, Jobyna Ralston his daughter, then eventually to Lloyd as impossibly rich “Harold Manners,” expressing his wealth through cars, in For Heaven’s Sake, 1926.
For Heaven's Sake (1926) -- (Movie Clip) No Interest Whatsoever Out of gratitude Jobyna Ralston (“the downtown girl”) has named her charity for money-soaked Harold (Lloyd) Manners, who is piqued because he wasn’t asked, but his view changes when he meets her and her minister father (Paul Weigel), to whom he gave the check, tries to explain, early in For Heaven’s Sake, 1926.
For Heaven's Sake (1926) -- (Movie Clip) People's Engineering Whiz-bang stunt with a car and a train, after an elaborate chase in which Harold Lloyd, as filthy-rich “Harold Manners,” in the new ride he’s just casually purchased, picks up cops chasing bandits, in Lloyd’s first Paramount feature, For Heaven’s Sake, 1926.
Kid Brother, The (1927) -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Mary Opening title sequence, not featuring the star, from Harold Lloyd's 1927 masterpiece The Kid Brother, with Jobyna Ralston as "Mary," directed by Ted Wilde.
Kid Brother, The (1927) -- (Movie Clip) The Hickory Name Harold Hickory (Harold Lloyd) helps Mary (Jobyna Ralston) scare off the villain Sandoni (Constantine Romanoff) then talks family and climbs a tree in a famous scene from The Kid Brother, 1927.
Freshman, The (1925) -- (Movie Clip) Opening, College Yells Opening credits and introduction of producer and star Harold Lloyd (as budding college man "Harold Lamb), along with his parents, from the 1925 silent comedy hit The Freshman.
Freshman, The (1925) -- (Movie Clip) Party, Tuxedo In a portion the never-ending party/tuxedo gag, "Speedy" (Harold Lloyd) woos Peggy (Jobyna Ralston) and loses his suit, in The Freshman, 1925.
Wings (1927) -- (Movie Clip) The Shooting Star Director (and WWI flier) William A. Wellman introducing the principals, in a small American town Jack (Charles "Buddy" Rogers) cares about his hot-rod but not about Mary (Clara Bow), and hopes to pry visiting Sylvia (Jobyna Ralston) away from affluent David (Richard Arlen), in Wings, 1927.
Girl Shy (1924) -- (Movie Clip) My Vampire For sure vamping it up, Harold Lloyd ("The Poor Boy") and an apprentice tailor by day, at work on his unfounded manual on romance, imagining the vampire (Nola Dolberg), the first of several, early in Girl Shy, 1924.
Girl Shy (1924) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Trade You Cars "The Poor Boy" Harold (Lloyd), suddenly wealthy and determined to stop "The Rich Girl" (Jobyna Ralston) from marrying a bigamist, in a portion of his famous chase, with Charles Chaplin's cameo as a wedding guest, in Girl Shy,1924.
Girl Shy (1924) -- (Movie Clip) You've Had Love Affairs? A small-town apprentice tailor, "The Poor Boy" Harold (Lloyd) has just met "The Rich Girl" (Jobyna Ralston) on the train, en route to get a publisher for his how-to book on romance, and helping smuggle her dog, in Girl Shy, 1924.
Girl Shy (1924) -- (Movie Clip) The Story Of A Bashful Boy The opening from Harold Lloyd's first turn as both star and producer, the 1924 hit Girl Shy, featuring his regular co-star Jobyna Ralston, a cameo by Charles Chaplin, and his famous climatic chase sequence across Los Angeles.


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