Jane Wolfe




Cast (Feature Film)

Under Strange Flags (1937)
Mrs. Kenyon
Thou Art the Man (1920)
Mrs. Prescott
The Six Best Cellars (1920)
Virginia Jasper
Why Change Your Wife? (1920)
A woman client
The Round-Up (1920)
The Thirteenth Commandment (1920)
Mrs. Chivvis
Behold My Wife (1920)
Mrs. McKenzie
The Woman Next Door (1919)
Men, Women and Money (1919)
Sara Middleton
A Very Good Young Man (1919)
Mrs. Mandelharper
Under the Top (1919)
Mrs. Jones
An Innocent Adventuress (1919)
Mrs. Bates
The Poor Boob (1919)
Mrs. Benton
The Cruise of the Make-Believes (1918)
Byfield's landlady
The Firefly of France (1918)
Less Than Kin (1918)
The Girl Who Came Back (1918)
Mrs. Walters
Mile-A-Minute Kendall (1918)
Mrs. Kendall
A Petticoat Pilot (1918)
Mrs. Young
The Bravest Way (1918)
Miss Tompkins
The Fair Barbarian (1917)
Belinda Bassett
Unconquered (1917)
Voodoo queen
Castles for Two (1917)
Brian's sister
The Call of the East (1917)
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917)
Mrs. Randall
The Crystal Gazer (1917)
Mrs. Dugan
On the Level (1917)
Sontag's wife
Unprotected (1916)
The mulatto
The Lash (1916)
Henriette Catenat
Each Pearl a Tear (1916)
Mrs. Van Sant
The Selfish Woman (1916)
Indian servant
Pudd'nhead Wilson (1916)
The Majesty of the Law (1915)
Mrs. Kent
The Case of Becky (1915)
Carrie, Balzamo's assistant
The Boer War (1914)
Mrs. Lambert
The Invisible Power (1914)
Mrs. Dean
Shannon of the Sixth (1914)
Surrada, her servant
The Touch of a Child's Hand (1910)

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