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Night Watch (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Why Don't You Stay Forever? Joining the first scene for Laurence Harvey as John, who’s in finance, husband of Londoner Ellen (Elizabeth Taylor), together entertaining friend Sarah (Billie Whitelaw), having discussed their odd neighbor, making plans for the evening, then departures by director Brian G. Hutton, in Night Watch, 1973.
Night Watch (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Wait Until She Rings Houseguest (Billie Whitelaw) instructs the maid to let her hostess Ellen (Elizabeth Taylor), who believes she witnessed a murder last night, sleep in, and while the neighbor does some suspicious digging, she meets either her boyfriend, or possibly Ellen’s husband, in Night Watch, 1973.
Lion In Winter, The (1968) -- (Movie Clip) It's Only For The Holidays Director Anthony Harvey goes for outdoor grandeur, introducing the jailed queen Eleanor Of Acquitaine (Katharine Hepburn), greeted by her husband King Henry II (Peter O’Toole), his mistress (Jane Merrow) and her sons (Nigel Terry, Anthony Hopkins, John Castle), in The Lion In Winter, 1968.
Appointment, The (1969) -- (Movie Clip) It Was A Pleasure Lawyer Federico (Omar Sharif) meets effusive old pal Renzo (Gausto Totti) for lunch and is surprised to discover the girl he noticed on the street the previous day is Carla (Anouk Aimee), his fianee`, in Sidney Lumet's The Appointment, 1969.
Appointment, The (1969) -- (Movie Clip) It's A Mistake Joining midway through director Sidney Lumet's credit sequence, Roman lawyer Federico (Omar Sharif) has narrated his introduction, visits with his mother (Paola Barbara), and notices a pretty girl (Anouk Aimee) in the street, in The Appointment, 1969.