Dorothy Peterson

Dorothy Peterson




Cast (Feature Film)

Seed of Innocence (1981)
That Hagen Girl (1947)
Minta Hagen
Canyon Passage (1946)
Mrs. Dance
Sister Kenny (1946)
This Is the Life (1944)
Aunt Betsy
Faces in the Fog (1944)
Mrs. Mason
When the Lights Go on Again (1944)
Clara Benson
Mr. Skeffington (1944)
The Woman in the Window (1944)
Mrs. Wanley
Air Force (1943)
Mrs. Chester
The Moon Is Down (1943)
This Is the Army (1943)
Mrs. Nelson
The Man in the Trunk (1942)
Lola DeWinters
Saboteur (1942)
Mrs. Mason
Henry Aldrich for President (1941)
Mrs. Aldrich
Cheers for Miss Bishop (1941)
Mrs. Bishop
Ride, Kelly, Ride (1941)
Mrs. Martin
Women in War (1940)
Too Many Husbands (1940)
Gertrude Houlihan
Five Little Peppers in Trouble (1940)
Mrs. Pepper
Out West with the Peppers (1940)
Mrs. Pepper
Five Little Peppers at Home (1940)
Mrs. Pepper
Lillian Russell (1940)
Cynthia Leonard
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew (1939)
Mrs. Pepper
Two Bright Boys (1939)
Kathleen O'Donnell
The Flying Irishman (1939)
Mrs. Corrigan
Dark Victory (1939)
Miss Wainwright
Sabotage (1939)
Edith Grayson
Hunted Men (1938)
Mrs. Mary Harris
Breaking the Ice (1938)
Annie Decker
Girls on Probation (1938)
Jane Lennox
Confession (1937)
Mrs. Koslov
52nd Street (1937)
Adela Rondell
Girl Loves Boy (1937)
Mary McCarthy
Under Cover of Night (1937)
Susan [Nash]
Her Husband Lies (1937)
Dorothy [Powell]
The Country Doctor (1936)
Nurse Katherine Kennedy
The Devil Is a Sissy (1936)
Jennie Stevens
Reunion (1936)
Nurse Katherine Kennedy
Society Doctor (1935)
Mrs. Harrigan
Sweepstake Annie (1935)
Mrs. Foster
Pursuit (1935)
Mrs. McCoy
Freckles (1935)
Mrs. Duncan
Laddie (1935)
Mrs. Stanton
Man of Iron (1935)
Uncertain Lady (1934)
Cicely Prentiss
As the Earth Turns (1934)
Mil [Shaw]
Beloved (1934)
Baroness Irene Von Hausmann
Peck's Bad Boy (1934)
Lily Clay
Men in White (1934)
Side Streets (1934)
Mrs. Richards
Treasure Island (1934)
Mrs. Hawkins
Reform Girl (1933)
Mrs. Putnam
Big Executive (1933)
Sarah Conway
The Billion Dollar Scandal (1933)
Mrs. Jackson
The Mayor of Hell (1933)
Mrs. Smith
I'm No Angel (1933)
Hold Me Tight (1933)
Mary Shane
Cabin in the Cotton (1932)
Lilly Blake
Attorney for the Defense (1932)
Mrs. Wallace
Beast of the City (1932)
Mary Fitzpatrick
She Wanted a Millionaire (1932)
Mrs. Miller
Payment Deferred (1932)
Annie Marble
Thrill of Youth (1932)
Seena Sherwood
Business and Pleasure (1932)
Mrs. Tinker
Forbidden (1932)
Helen [Grover]
Emma (1932)
Mrs. Winthrop
Call Her Savage (1932)
Silas' wife
Life Begins (1932)
A [psychopathic] patient
So Big (1932)
Night World (1932)
Edith Blair
When a Feller Needs a Friend (1932)
Way Back Home (1931)
["Runaway"] Rose Clark
Rich Man's Folly (1931)
Katherine Trumbull
Traveling Husbands (1931)
Martha Hall
Party Husband (1931)
Up for Murder (1931)
Mrs. James Marshall
Bought (1931)
The Mother
Penrod and Sam (1931)
Mrs. Schofield
Skyline (1931)
Rose Breen
The Reckless Hour (1931)
Susie Jennison
Mother's Cry (1930)
Mary Williams

Producer (Special)

Gulliver's Travels (1996)
Associate Producer

Life Events


Movie Clip

That Hagen Girl (1947) -- (Movie Clip) There's Nothing To Tell Panic in the small Midwestern town to which Ronald Reagan, as lawyer Tom, has just returned, because Shirley Temple (title character) appears to have drowned herself, because she just learned that everyone (wrongly) thinks she’s his illegitimate daughter, Rory Calhoun and Conrad Janis her spurned boyfriends, Dorothy Peterson and Charles Kemper her adoptive parents, Guy Wilkerson as Link, in That Hagen Girl, 1947.
Woman In The Window, The (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Some Psychological Aspects Of Homicide Opening doesn’t seem for a moment incidental, establishing Edward G. Robinson as composed professor Wanley, Dorothy Peterson his wife departing for the summer with the kids, Raymond Massey and Edmond Breon as his friendly colleagues, and a portrait of Joan Bennett, in Fritz Lang’s chilling The Woman In The Window, 1944.
Mr. Skeffington (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Some Committed Suicide New York, 1914, having left a gang of suitors in her drawing room, we learn that Walter Abel is cousin George to top-billed Bette Davis, in her first scene as socialite Fanny, her brother Trippy (Richard Waring) joining them, early in Mr. Skeffington,1944, with Claude Rains in the title role.
Treasure Island (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Billy Bones At the party for his innkeeper mother (Dorothy Peterson), Jack (Jackie Cooper) observes the arrival of cranky Billy Bones (Lionel Barrymore), early in MGM's hit 1934 production of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, directed by Victor Fleming.
Treasure Island (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Flint's Fist Jack (Jackie Cooper) and his mum (Dorothy Peterson) search the belongings of lodger Billy Bones (Lionel Barrymore), who has just died after being confronted by Blind Pew (William V. Mong), who returns with cohorts, but flees when Livesey (Otto Kruger) arrives, in MGM's Treasure Island, 1934.
Dark Victory (1939) -- (Movie Clip) That Cold Scientific Eye Family Doc Parsons (Henry Travers) has maneuvered symptomatic but defiant socialite Judith (Bette Davis) into the path of brain surgeon Steele (George Brent) who, himself traumatized over a patient's death, had been departing to begin his new career in research, in Dark Victory, 1939.
Payment Deferred (1932) -- Movie Clip) Is It True He's A Banker? Framing device from the original play, Billy Bevan a neighbor and Halliwell Hobbes a prospective tenant, as we meet the Marble family of London, Dorothy Peterson, Charles Laughton and Maureen O’Sullivan as Annie, Willie and Winnie, in MGM’s grim Payment Deferred, 1932.
Payment Deferred (1932) -- Movie Clip) Rough Luck And No Mistake Insolvent Londoners Willie and Annie Marble (Charles Laughton) are certain the caller (Ray Milland) greeted by daughter Winnie (Maureen O’Sullivan) will be a bailiff with bad news, and stunned to discover he’s a well-heeled long-lost relative, early in MGM’s Payment Deferred, 1932.
Payment Deferred (1932) -- Movie Clip) Perhaps Your Father Needs A Rest After his barely off-screen murder of his wealthy nephew who appeared from Australia, we surmise that broke London bank clerk Willie (Charles Laughton) has buried him in the back yard, his wife and daughter (Dorothy Peterson, Maureen O’Sullivan) in the dark, in Payment Deferred, 1932.