Mabel Van Buren




Cast (Feature Film)

Mississippi (1935)
Woman in auditorium
Neighbors' Wives (1933)
Mrs. Lee
His First Command (1929)
Mrs. Sargent
Craig's Wife (1928)
Mrs. Frazer
The Flying Buckaroo (1928)
Mrs. Brown
The Meddlin' Stranger (1927)
Her mother
The King of Kings (1927)
The Top of the World (1925)
Mary Ann
His Secretary (1925)
Mrs. Sloden
Smooth as Satin (1925)
Mrs. Manson
The Dawn of a Tomorrow (1924)
Lights Out (1923)
Mrs. Gallant
The Light That Failed (1923)
Madame Binat
In Search of a Thrill (1923)
Lila Lavender
Wandering Daughters (1923)
Annie Bowden, her mother
The Woman Who Walked Alone (1922)
Hannah Schriemann
Beyond the Rocks (1922)
Mrs. McBride
Youth to Youth (1922)
Mrs. Brookins
For the Defense (1922)
Cousin Selma
Miss Lulu Bett (1922)
Mrs. Dwight Deacon
Pawned (1922)
Mrs. Veniza
While Satan Sleeps (1922)
Sunflower Sadie
Manslaughter (1922)
A Wise Fool (1921)
Madame Langlois
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)
Moonlight and Honeysuckle (1921)
Mrs. Langley
Young Mrs. Winthrop (1920)
Mrs. Dunbar
Conrad in Quest of His Youth (1920)
The Sins of Rosanne (1920)
Mrs. Ozanne
Hearts of Men (1919)
Tina Ferronni
Riders of the Night (1918)
Sally's aunt
Breakers Ahead (1918)
Aunt Agatha Pixley
The Winding Trail (1918)
The Squaw Man's Son (1917)
Lady Stuckley
Those Without Sin (1917)
Estelle Wallace
The Jaguar's Claws (1917)
The Countess Charming (1917)
Mrs. Vandergraft
Unconquered (1917)
Mrs. Lenning
A School for Husbands (1917)
Mrs. Airlie
The Silent Partner (1917)
Edith Preston
Hashimura Togo (1917)
Mrs. Reynolds
The Devil Stone (1917)
The House with the Golden Windows (1916)
Mrs. Peabody
The Victoria Cross (1916)
Princess Adala
Ramona (1916)
Ramona, in the prologue
The Sowers (1916)
Princess Tanya
The Woman (1915)
Grace Robertson
Should a Wife Forgive? (1915)
Mary Holmes
The Girl of the Golden West (1915)
The girl
The Warrens of Virginia (1915)
Mrs. Warren
The Ghost Breaker (1914)
The Man on the Box (1914)
Kit Warburton
The Master Mind (1914)
Lucine, "Three-Arm Fanny"
Brewster's Millions (1914)
Mrs. Gray
The Dishonored Medal (1914)
The Circus Man (1914)
Mary Braddock
An Old Story with a New Ending (1910)

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