Edwin Stevens




Director (Feature Film)

The Boy Girl (1917)
Susan's Gentleman (1917)
The Honor of Mary Blake (1916)

Cast (Feature Film)

A Lover's Oath (1925)
Hassen Ben Sabbath
The Spider and the Rose (1923)
Bishop Oliveros
The Voice from the Minaret (1923)
Lord Leslie Carlyle
The Woman of Bronze (1923)
Reggie Morton
Quicksands (1923)
The Game Chicken (1922)
Hiram Proudfoot
The Man Unconquerable (1922)
The Golden Gallows (1922)
Leander Sills
The Ragged Heiress (1922)
Sam Moreton
The Hands of Nara (1922)
Connor Lee
The Dollar-a-Year Man (1921)
Colonel Bruce, a Secret Service agent
The Sting of the Lash (1921)
Daniel Keith
One Wild Week (1921)
Oliver Tobin
The Charm School (1921)
Homer Johns
What's Worth While? (1921)
The Snob (1921)
Jim Haynes
The Little Minister (1921)
Lord Rintoul
Crazy To Marry (1921)
Henry De Morgan
Everything for Sale (1921)
Mr. Wainwright
Her First Elopement (1920)
Mr. Maitland, Sr.
Her Unwilling Husband (1920)
John Jordan
Seeing It Through (1920)
Ichabod Bogrum
The Figurehead (1920)
Frank Freeman
Passion's Playground (1920)
Lord Dauntry
Duds (1920)
Her Kingdom of Dreams (1919)
J. Wellington Yarnell
Cheating Cheaters (1919)
Mr. Palmer
The Crimson Gardenia (1919)
Jean, the "Wolf"
Hawthorne of the U.S.A. (1919)
Prince Vladimir
Love Insurance (1919)
Martin Wall
The Unpardonable Sin (1919)
Stephen Parcot
Sahara (1919)
Baron Alexis
The Homebreaker (1919)
Jonas Abbott
The Lone Wolf's Daughter (1919)
Prince Victor
Faith (1919)
Abner Harrrington
Upstairs (1919)
Detective Murphy
The Profiteers (1919)
Everett Dearing
The Squaw Man (1918)
Sheriff Bud Hardy
The Man Inside (1916)
Barry Thornton/Dana Thornton
The Devil's Toy (1916)
The Devil
The Yellow Menace (1916)

Life Events