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Michael O'Shea


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Threat, The (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Kluger's Out Straight to business, no attempt to disguise the locale (L-A) or the state prison (Folsom), but only Robert Shayne as cop Murphy is properly introduced, though the danger (in the person of un-seen Charles McGraw) is made clear, in The Threat, 1949, directed by Felix Feist, with Michael O’Shea and Virginia Grey.
Threat, The (1949) -- (Movie Clip) She Spill Anything? Vengeful escaped gangster Kluger (Charles McGraw) is laying into his hostages, the D-A (Frank Conroy) and cop Williams (Michael O’Shea), with help from his goons (Anthony Caruso, Frank Richards), when he makes clear what he’s after from also-abducted ex-girlfriend Carol (Virginia Grey), in The Threat, 1949, directed by Felix Feist.
It's A Pleasure (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Our Petite Star This is between periods at a professional hockey game, the three-time Olympic gold medalist in her second-to-last feature, the first skate for Sonja Henie as performer "Chris," Michael O'Shea her athlete-admirer in the stands, in early in It's A Pleasure, 1945.
Lady Of Burlesque -- (Movie Clip) My Ancestors Comic Biff (Michael O'Shea) pursuing dancer Dixie (Barbara Stanwyck), who's off to the bar next door to help out waiter Wong (Beal Wong), injured in his boss's jealous rage over another dancer who's since been murdered, in Lady Of Burlesque, 1943.
Lady Of Burlesque -- (Movie Clip) What's Your Real Name? After a backstage assault, burlesque dancer Dixie (Barbara Stanwyck, born Ruby Stevens) commiserates with ardent new pal, comic Biff (Michael O'Shea), early in Lady Of Burlesque, 1943, from a novel by Gypsy Rose Lee.
Lady Of Burlesque -- (Movie Clip) Four Shows A Day One of the milder numbers, "Four Shows A Day" by Sammy Cahn and Harry Akst, Barbara Stanwyck (as "Dixie") pursued by comic Biff (Michael O'Shea) as she tempts the crowd, in William A. Wellman's Lady Of Burlesque, 1943.