Irving Shulman



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Rebel Without A Cause (1955) -- (Movie Clip) When You Have To Be A Man Director Nicholas Ray's gaudy scene of paternal inadequacy, as Jim (James Dean), who's been challenged to a death-defying car race, seeks advice from his aproned father (Jim Backus), in Rebel Without A Cause, 1955.
College Confidential -- (Movie Clip) Down At The College Hall Mamie Van Doren (as "Sally") grooves to an infectious tune by classmate Marvin (Conway Twitty) as professors Steve and Betty (Steve Allen and wife Jayne Meadows) host a party complicated by spiked punch, in College Confidential, 1960.
College Confidential -- (Movie Clip) Sex On Trial! Racy opening from what will be the ending of the film, Steve Allen as a college professor, his wife Jayne Meadows a colleague, Mamie Van Doren and Conway Twitty students, in Albert Zugsmith's College Confidential, 1960.
College Confidential -- (Movie Clip) Principles Of Sociology Sally (Mamie Van Doren) comes home late to Dad (Elisha Cook) and Mom (Pamela Mason) and does quite well in a scene hearkening Rebel Without A Cause, early in College Confidential, 1960.
College Confidential -- (Movie Clip) Scientifically Conway Twittty (as "Marvin") singing the title tune in a canoe with immobile chess pieces and Fay (Cathy Crosby), who then joins girlfriend Sally (Mamie Van Doren), their professor (Steve Allen) observing, in College Confidential, 1960.
Cry Tough -- (Movie Clip) Light a Candle for Me! Hoodlum Miguel Estrada (John Saxon) rejects the appeals of his new wife Sarita (Linda Cristal) as he prepares for a big robbery in director Paul Stanley's Cry Tough, 1959.
Cry Tough -- (Movie Clip) Busted Out Re-introduced into Spanish Harlem tenement living, ex-con Miguel (John Saxon) expresses his frustration to his dad (Joseph Calleia) in Cry Tough, 1959.
Cry Tough -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Prologue Real life stills and a promising prologue in the opening credit sequence from director Paul Stanley's Puerto Rican crime drama Cry Tough, 1959, starring John Saxon and Linda Cristal.


Joan Alexander
Survived him.
Leslie Bratspis
Survived him.
Saul Shulman
Survived him.


Julia Shulman
Married c. 1937; survived him.