Nanette Newman

Nanette Newman


British leading lady who emerged in the 1950s and has divided her time among film and TV. Wife of writer-producer Bryan Forbes.

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Seance On A Wet Afternoon (1964) -- (Movie Clip) See You In A Tick Director Bryan Forbes looks to be having a good time, shooting and editing his producer and star Richard Attenborough, as Londoner Billy, manipulated by his mentally ill wife into kidnapping affluent Amanda (Judith Donner) in a scheme to prove her powers as a psychic, in Seance On A Wet Afternoon, 1964.
Seance On A Wet Afternoon (1964) -- (Movie Clip) It's A Young Face Opening sequence, director Bryan Forbes presents medium Myra (Kim Stanley) at work, her husband Billy (Richard Attenborough, also the producer) not seen, camera by Gerry Turpin, on location in London's Wimbledon district, in Seance On A Wet Afternoon, 1964.
Madwoman Of Chaillot, The (1969) -- (Movie Clip) Scratch On The Negative Waitress Irma (Nanette Newman), with Katherine Hepburn (title character), is alarmed for innocent but unconscious bridge-jumper Roderick (Richard Chamberlain), grilled by a Paris cop (Fernand Gravey), a sub-plot in The Madwoman Of Chaillot, 1969, from the Jean Giraudoux play.
Madwoman Of Chaillot, The (1969) -- (Movie Clip) What Are You Hiding From Me? Previously seen but now speaking for the first time, the Ragpicker (Danny Kaye) holds forth for the countess (Katharine Hepburn, title character) about what’s becoming of the world and her city, Nannette Newman as Irma, Richard Chamberlain Roderick, camera by Claude Renoir, nephew and colleague of Jean, in The Madwoman Of Chaillot, 1969.
Stepford Wives, The (1975) -- (Movie Clip) It's A Casserole Day one in the Connecticut suburb, the first of the natives, Carol Van Sant (Nanette Newman) greets transplanted New Yorker Walter (Peter Masterson), who then has an odd exchange with her husband (Josef Sommer), then tries to reassure his wife Joanna (Katharine Ross), in The Stepford Wives, 1975.
Stepford Wives, The (1975) -- (Movie Clip) The Friendliest Accident New in town, the Eberharts (Katharine Ross, Peter Masterson, young Mary Stuart Masterson and Ronny Sullivan) observe an odd fender bender between Carol Van Sant (Nanette Newman) and Kit Sunderson (Carole Mallory) at the grocery, in The Stepford Wives, 1975, from Ira Levin's novel.
Stepford Wives, The (1975) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Just Die If I Don't Get This Recipe Dale (Patrick O'Neal), the former Disney engineer, seems the life of the pool party, as non-conforming new gals Joanna (Katharine Ross) and Bobbie (Paula Prentiss) arrive and Carol (Nanette Newman) appears to malfunction, one of the first indisputably weird events in The Stepford Wives, 1975.
Whisperers, The -- (Movie Clip) Open, Mrs. Ross Shot in the city of Manchester, the haunting opening to writer-director Bryan Forbes' study of growing old in England, The Whisperers, 1967, starring Edith Evans.




Bryan Forbes
Writer, producer, director.