Monroe Salisbury




Cast (Feature Film)

The Jade Box (1930)
The Great Alone (1922)
Silent Duval
The Barbarian (1920)
Eric Straive
The Phantom Melody (1920)
Count Camello
The Sleeping Lion (1919)
The Millionaire Pirate (1919)
Jean Lafitte
His Divorced Wife (1919)
Asa Whipple
The Man in the Moonlight (1919)
The Light of Victory (1919)
Lieutenant George Blenton
The Sundown Trail (1919)
"Quiet" Carter
The Blinding Trail (1919)
Jim McKenzie
Hungry Eyes (1918)
Dale Revenal
Hugon, the Mighty (1918)
The Red, Red Heart (1918)
The Eagle (1918)
John Gregory, the "Eagle"
The Guilt of Silence (1918)
Mathew "Silent" Smith
Winner Takes All (1918)
Alan MacDonald
That Devil, Bateese (1918)
Bateese Latour
Hands Down (1918)
Dago Sam
The Silent Lie (1917)
The stranger
The Savage (1917)
Julio Sandoval
The Price of Her Soul (1917)
Dr. Howard Graham
Zollenstein (1917)
Crown Prince, Zollenstein/John Mortimer
The Door Between (1917)
Anthony Ives Eckhart
The Eyes of the World (1917)
Conrad La Grange, Civilization
The Cook of Canyon Camp (1917)
Silent Jack
The Desire of the Moth (1917)
Christopher Foy
The Devil's Assistant (1917)
Dr. Lorenz
Ramona (1916)
Alessandro Assis
The Goose Girl (1915)
King Frederick
The Lamb (1915)
Double Trouble (1915)
After Five (1915)
Sam Parker
A Gentleman of Leisure (1915)
Stutten, Pitt's friend
The Man from Home (1914)
Hon. Almeric St. Aubyn
Ready Money (1914)
Sidney Rosenthal
The Squaw Man (1914)
Earl of Kerhill
Rose of the Rancho (1914)
Don Luis del Torre
The Master Mind (1914)
District Attorney
Brewster's Millions (1914)
Nopper Harrison

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