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Border Incident - Lobby Card Set
Here is a set of Lobby Cards from MGM's Border Incident (1949), starring Ricardo Montalban and directed by Anthony Mann. Lobby Cards were 11" x 14" posters that came in sets of 8. As the name implies, they were most often displayed in movie theater lobbies, to advertise current or coming attractions.


Movie Clip

Border Incident (1949) -- (Movie Clip) How Can Business Be Bad? Howard Da Silva as American Parkson, leader of a ring that smuggles in exploited workers from Mexico, calls his contacts (Sig Ruman, Arnold Moss), who are then visited by undercover American agent Bearnes (George Murphy), whose mission is to plant stolen immigration permits, in director Anthony Mann’s Border Incident, 1949.
Viva Zapata! (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Congratulations, General Zapata! Morelos, Mexico, ca. 1909, after an early victory Marlon Brando (the title character, the peasant-revolutionary Emiliano) sharing tributes, Anthony Quinn his brother Eufemio (also a historical figure), Florenz Ames as Don Nacio, the now-friendly father of his love interest, and Joseph Wiseman representing the shadow government of Madero, in Elia Kazan’s Viva Zapata!, 1952.
Black Book, The (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Dictator Of France D'Aubigny (Robert Cummings), posing as executioner Duval, led by Fouche (Arnold Moss) through the bakery to the secret lair of Robespierre (Richard Basehart), in Anthony Mann's The Black Book (a.k.a. Reign Of Terror), 1949.
Mask Of The Avenger (1951) -- (Movie Clip) It Will Go No Further Anthony Quinn, military governor in a 19th century Italian state, honest so far as we know, reveals himself, with Count Dimorna (Wilton Graff), then with aide Colardi (Arnold Moss) before the count's son, leading man John Derek, is introduced, in Columbia's Mask Of The Avenger, 1951.
Black Book, The (1949) -- (Movie Clip) July 26, 1794 Blazing introduction of historical characters (Richard Basehart, Jess Barker, Arnold Moss, Wade Crosby, Richard Hart, Norman Lloyd) then fictional D'Aubigny (Robert Cummings) meeting Lafayette (Wilton Graff), opening Anthony Mann's The Black Book (a.k.a. Reign Of Terror), 1949.
27th Day, The -- (Movie Clip) Lend You A Weapon "The Alien" (Arnold Moss) gets to the business end of his pitch to his chosen humans (Gene Barry, Valerie French, George Voscovec, Azemat Janti, Marie Tsien) in a premise-setting scene from The 27th Day, 1957.
27th Day, The -- (Movie Clip) Opening Credits Opening title credits for the high-brow 1957 Science Fiction feature The 27th Day, directed by William Asher, from John Mantley's novel, starring Gene Barry, Valerie French and Arnold Moss.
27th Day, The -- (Movie Clip) Strange Broadcast Newsman Jonathan (Gene Barry) is dining at a restaurant when "The Alien" (Arnold Moss) interrupts all earthly broadcasting, setting off a panic explained by a TV Anchor (Paul Frees) in The 27th Day, 1957.