Harry T. Morey




Cast (Feature Film)

The Shadow Laughs (1933)
Captain Morgan
The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1929)
Professor Moriarty
Under the Tonto Rim (1928)
Sam Spralls
Twin Flappers (1927)
Aloma of the South Seas (1926)
Red Malloy
Barriers Burned Away (1925)
Howard Mellon
The Adventurous Sex (1925)
Her Father
Headlines (1925)
Donald Austin
Camille of the Barnaby Coast (1925)
Heart of a Siren (1925)
John Strong
Camille of the Barbary Coast (1925)
Dan McCarthy
Captain January (1924)
George Maxwell
The Roughneck (1924)
Mad McCara
The Painted Lady (1924)
Captain Sutton
Marriage Morals (1923)
The Empty Cradle (1923)
John Larkin
Where the Pavement Ends (1923)
Capt. Hull Gregson
The Green Goddess (1923)
Major Crespin
Wildness of Youth (1922)
James Surbrun
The Curse of Drink (1922)
Bill Sanford
The Rapids (1922)
Beyond the Rainbow (1922)
Edward Mallory
A Man's Home (1921)
Frederick Osborn
The Flaming Clue (1920)
Ralph Cornell
The Gauntlet (1920)
Roderick Beverly
The Birth of a Soul (1920)
Philip Grey/Charles Drayton
The Sea Rider (1920)
Stephen Hardy
The Wreck (1919)
Sanford Carlyle
Shadows of the Past (1919)
Beauty-Proof (1919)
Corporal Steele
Beating the Odds (1919)
David Power
Silent Strength (1919)
Dan La Roche/Henry Grozier
The Darkest Hour (1919)
Peter Schuyler
The Gamblers (1919)
Wilbur Emerson
The Man Who Won (1919)
Christopher Keene
Fighting Destiny (1919)
Larry Cavendish
In Honor's Web (1919)
Frank Powell
A Bachelor's Children (1918)
Hugh Jordan
Tangled Lives (1918)
John Howland
The Other Man (1918)
John Stedman/Martin West
The King of Diamonds (1918)
Oliver Bennett
The Golden Goal (1918)
John Doran
A Game with Fate (1918)
Robert Harwell
The Green God (1918)
Owen Morgan
Hoarded Assets (1918)
Jerry Rufus
The Desired Woman (1918)
Richard Mostyn
All Man (1918)
John Olsen
The Courage of Silence (1917)
Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation (1917)
Paul Strong
Who Goes There! (1917)
Kervyn Guild
Richard the Brazen (1917)
Richard Williams
The Question (1917)
John Stedman
Within the Law (1917)
Joe Garson
Her Secret (1917)
Rex Fenton
His Own People (1917)
Hugh O'Donnell
Salvation Joan (1916)
"Bill," alias of John Hilton
Whom the Gods Destroy (1916)
Leslie St. George Leigh
The Law Decides (1916)
For a Woman's Fair Name (1916)
A Price for Folly (1915)
M. Henri Landon
To Cherish and Protect (1915)
Harry Crane
Crooky (1915)
John W. Dough
The Making over of Geoffrey Manning (1915)
Geoffrey Manning
The Man Who Couldn't Beat God (1915)
Actor as Bill Sykes
The Man Behind the Door (1915)
My Official Wife (1914)
Arthur Bainbridge Lennox
A Million Bid (1914)
Geoffrey Marshe
Clancy (1910)

Cast (Short)

The Trans-Atlantic Mystery (1932)

Life Events