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Topper (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Stop Being A Mummy From the annual board meeting, top share-holder George (Cary Grant) is disruptive, his inhibited banker friend Roland Young (title character) grumbling afterward before he notices wife Marion (Constance Bennett), in the office, the pair then considering his prospects, in Topper, 1937.
Topper (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Old Man Moon From the opening sequence, affluent George and Marion (Cary Grant, Constance Bennett) go night-clubbing before his morning bank-board meeting, finishing at a joint where they’re on first names with Hoagy Carmichael himself, joining him in an original tune, in the Hal Roach comedy Topper 1937.
Topper (1937) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Probably Talking To Myself In a maybe mid-life crisis and mourning the loss of his client-friends the Kerby’s (Cary Grant and Constance Bennett), banker Roland Young (title character) crashes his new car (a customized 1936 Buick Roadmaster) at the same spot where they died, and is surprised, with lots of trick shots, from producer Hal Roach, in Topper, 1937.
Topper (1937) -- (Movie Clip) What Good Deeds Have You Done? Socialites George and Marion (Cary Grant, Constance Bennett) get killed, motoring home to their posh suburb, first discussing their up-tight banker, the title character (Roland Young, not seen), then their own future, Norman Z. McLeod directing producer Hal Roach’s Topper, 1937.
Merrily We Live -- (Movie Clip) Stop Squirming! Mother Emily (Billie Burke) appears for breakfast joining Jerry (Constance Bennett), Marion (Bonita Granville) et al, slow to realize her "pet tramp" has made off with the family silver, in Merrily We Live, 1938.
Merrily We Live -- (Movie Clip) Robert Taylor Charitable mom Emily (Billie Burke) and young Marion (Bonita Granville) with banter as principals Jerry (Constance Bennett) and Rawlins (Brian Aherne, evidently a vagrant) meet, in the Hal Roach comedy Merrily We Live, 1938.