Minnie Pearl




Cast (Feature Film)

Nashville Story (1973)
That Tennessee Beat (1966)
Rev. Rose Conley
Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar (1965)
Forty Acre Feud (1965)
Ma Culpepper
Tennessee Jamboree (1964)
Country Music Caravan (1964)

Cast (Special)

Hats Off to Minnie Pearl: America Honors Minnie Pearl (1992)
Grand Ole Opry in Houston: The Economic Summit (1991)
25th Annual Music City News Country Awards (1991)
The True Value/GMC Truck Country Showdown (1991)
The Grand Ole Opry 65th Anniversary Celebration: The New Tradition (1991)
Tennessee Ernie Ford: 50 Golden Years (1990)
TNN's All-Star Salute to Country Music (1990)
Night of 100 Stars III (1990)
Grand Ole Opry: Salute to Minnie Pearl (1990)
In the Hank Williams Tradition (1990)
A Special Conversation With Dinah (1990)
Oklahoma Centennial Celebration (1989)
23rd Annual Music City News Country Awards (1989)
Opryland Celebrates (1988)
The Hee Haw 20th Anniversary Show (1988)
The 23rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards (1988)
Live From the Grand Ole Opry (1987)
Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Show (1987)
A Tribute to Country Greatness (1986)
The 60th Anniversary of the Grand Ole Opry (1986)
The 20th Annual Music City News Country Awards (1986)
Country Comes Home (1984)
Roy Acuff -- 50 Years the King of Country Music (1982)
Christmas Legend of Nashville (1982)
Johnny Cash and the Country Girls (1981)
A Country Christmas (1981)
George Burns in Nashville? (1981)
Johnny Cash: The First 25 Years (1980)
A Country Christmas (1980)
A Country Christmas (1979)
Ann-Margret... Rhinestone Cowgirl (1977)
Country Music Caravan (1974)
Burt Reynolds' Late Show (1973)

Music (Special)

In the Hank Williams Tradition (1990)
Song Performer ("I Saw The Light")

Life Events